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Two over here in Solihull, me and Kitty! :D

And since we're on the subject of local groups and meets, we used to have a 300ZX meet with guys from "the other side" ( ;) ) over in Catherine de Barnes at the Boat Inn...not sure if they still meet there but might be worth seeing if we can get it going again...failing that, there's a great summer meet every first Tuesday of the month at the Old Royal Oak near Henley-in-Arden. It's a classic, sports and exotic meet with a smattering of bikes and the occasional bit of Jap metal thrown into the mix. It's got a huge car park, it's extremely well attended and there's a great atmosphere, plus the back road driving to get there really gets the juices flowing ;) :D



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John Dixon said:
Kidderminster - does that count ?!
Went on a midlands club meet with the 350 ownersclub a couple of weeks ago and we had someone from Malvern - so yes!!!!