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Goodwood Festival of Speed?

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by cpresslmayer, Jun 19, 2018.

  1. cpresslmayer

    cpresslmayer Forum User

    Hi there,
    are there any UK Z-Club members at this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed on July 12th-15th?
    Is there any Datsun, Nissan or Z-Club specific activity?

    I am going to be there and do have acquired tickets for 3 friends and me for the whole weekend. Would be great to meat UK Z-Car enthusiasts!

    Kind regards, Christian
  2. Woody928

    Z Club Member

    I'll be there on the Sunday and will be staying locally on the Saturday evening, still 50/50 on taking the Z though.

    I love the drive down but know the car will just be sat in a dusty field all day, as I don't want to pay the £60 odd for premier infield parking with all the interesting machinery!
  3. cpresslmayer

    cpresslmayer Forum User

    Hi Woody,
    looking forward seeing you in best case with your Z over there.
    I curious about getting an impression about this event and especially the UK car enthusiasts :280Z:

  4. Woody928

    Z Club Member

    Hi Chris,
    Drop me a PM nearer the time and I'll let you know, I'll have the car out on Saturday for a local show anyway.

    It's a fantastic weekend with loads to do and see, in effect it's replaced London's motorshow now. The paddocks are well worth looking around without being restricted, and the hillclimb always has something interesting going up during the day. There's less classic cars around and it's more focused on the latest and fastest machinery however there's still some older kit mixed in. If you head up to the rally stage then there's been a 240Z and 260Z running the last couple of years. Who knows this year though....
    It's just a shame the weekend is so damn expensive!

  5. cpresslmayer

    cpresslmayer Forum User

    Hi Mark,
    will be there with 3 friends of mine and will stay in Portsmouth and have some good days there with major time in Goodwood and some time in Portsmouth.
    Are any interesting classic car dealers / garages around Portsmouth/Goodwood that you know and could recommend? Perhaps we will have a look at these too ;)

    Will send you a PM - Chris
  6. SeanDezart

    Z Club Member
    Official Trader

    That's the shame - seems totally out of character to not emphasis classics at such a classic (house and circuit) venue.
  7. cpresslmayer

    cpresslmayer Forum User

    You are totally right Sean - hope to see the one or other classical Z over there ;)

    Would be a nice road trip - when my 280z will be on the road - currently I am deaply engaged in replacing floor panels ... next years Festival would be a realistic chance to travel by Z to Goodwood ...
  8. SeanDezart

    Z Club Member
    Official Trader

    Why not do your road trip to join us at Spa Classic next May to be part of the European 50 Z yrs celebration ?
  9. PZ 69

    PZ 69 Forum User

    If you have time, I suggest a trip down to the Beaulieu Motor Museum in the New Forest. Plenty to see there.
  10. Woody928

    Z Club Member

    It sounds like you'll have a great time Chris, its your at all interested in Naval History then the dockyard at Portsmouth is very interesting. I think now I'll almost definitely have the car there that weekend I just may not necessarily take it to the event.

    Regards places to go, most of the garages are restoration shops without big show rooms as such to look around. As has been mentioned the Beaulieu Motor Museum is very good. If you can get access for a tour then there is the Rolls Royce Factory on the Goodwood Estate, the tour I did several years ago was very impressive! There will likely be a couple of exhibitions on in London. Otherwise I'm slightly short of ideas I'm more into just driving my cars or going to shows and meets as such. I hope that helps...

    Let me clarify that statement, there are lots of vintage and historic cars that partake in the hillclimb from the early 1900's up until the present day. The paddocks are the place to go if this is what floats your boat, its fantastic how up close and personal you get get with various famous and hero cars from all eras. They are certainly represented however not to the extent that the historic specific events like the Revival are, which makes perfect sense. Do also remember this is also held at the House which is completely separate from the Historic motor racing circuit.

    A big section of the event is now filled with major manufacturers who obviously want to show their latest and greatest technology and sell their cars to the public. It caters for everyone in one way or another....
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  11. cpresslmayer

    cpresslmayer Forum User

    Hi Sean,
    Spa Classic next May sounds great and bringing my 280z to the road again sound realistic ...
    Thx for your hint!
  12. cpresslmayer

    cpresslmayer Forum User

    Hi PZ69,
    thank you for your interesting hint too - just had a look at their webpage and could be a good alternative if we need some alternatives to Goodwood ;)

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