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Gas Monkey Garage (Discovery HD)

Discussion in 'General' started by Bobafett, Apr 2, 2018.

  1. Bobafett

    Z Club Member

  2. franky

    franky Well-Known Forum User

    I've watched one so far. Its everything thats wrong with American modding(IMO).

    He says parts from Japan, there's nothing.

    Off the shelf regular parts
    Some very average parts at that
    No imagination
    Clearly no understanding of anything from outside the US.
    No idea how they claim to have spent what they did.

    Etc, etc...
  3. Ian

    Z Club Member

    They could easily have spent a lot, a lot of very expensive parts in it. Wheels, brakes, suspension, chassis parts, engine parts, body parts, gauges, interior re-trim, engine, turbo, engine setup parts, ECU, wiring plus many more. Trust me, it adds up, ask me how I know.
  4. franky

    franky Well-Known Forum User

    Not with the parts they fitted, bulk order at AZC it looks like.
  5. uk66fastback

    Z Club Member

    Got this taped on Sky Q - worth watching or bin it? I don't mind Rawlings in small doses but if he is bastardising a Z too much he can go swivel!
  6. Turn & Burn

    Turn & Burn
    Z Club Member

    Worth a watch cos they’re not on telly everyday. Not seriously bastardised, fairly typical US tuner build. LOVE THAT COLOUR!!
  7. Dougs260z

    Z Club Member

  8. chris frizzell

    chris frizzell
    Z Club Member

    sad to see how it finish up .not to everyones cup of tea but cant fault the work men ship.
  9. Fish1234

    Fish1234 Forum User

    Shame about the car but i cant feel a lot of sympathy for Richard and his monkeys loud mouthed rude unpleasant people.

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