Fujitsubo for cars with r200 diff


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On the subject of facts, can we keep this about what we know about the new Fujitsubo product please.
Thanks, yes please : facts, not personal, unbased opinions.

Please can we agree to define for which cars it IS applicable :

The official Fujitsubo link first posted reads thus :

Compatible with R200 differential

S30 Fairlady Z 2 seater
Body type: S30
Engine type: L20 Year : (1969.11-1975.9)
Maximimum output (when fitted to the L20 engine) = 69.9kw / 95ps (where Wiki quotes "Fairlady Z (1970–1983), it produces 85kw / 115 PS")
Heat shield must be processed
 (ie modified) .
Cannot be installed on vehicles equipped with a genuine air cleaner box.
3000rpm〜5000rpm Exhaust Noise 106dB


And does it or not have an O² sensor plug ?


How does fitting an R180 diff (instead of an R200) save a whopping 150kgs ?

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If you're so exercised about this new Fujitsubo exhaust system, why not contact Fujitsubo direct to ask them your questions?
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Have a read through the US forum subject and you'll note that neither Fujitsubo nor their retailers answer questions. If you know better, why not share, please, your knowledge here - publicly for the greater good.
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Have a read through the US forum subject and you'll note that neither Fujitsubo nor their retailers answer questions.

Fujitsubo absolutely DO answer questions, but you have to contact them using their native language, Japanese. I wouldn't necessarily regard a few posts on a US-based forum as the sole arbiter for this topic.

And I think you'll find that the situation regarding their international re-sellers is that they too are not asking specific questions in technically-competent Japanese.

If you know better, why not share, please, your knowledge here - publicly for the greater good.

For the greater good of who, specifically? What questions do you want answered, and why? Indeed, very much WHY. It seems to me that - far from "the common good" - you are just gathering data on another manufacturer's product to use as ammunition to promote your own. You seem to concentrate on finding negative aspects which you can contrast with Z Story products, selectively.

As I keep pointing out, I don't see your interest here as being altruistic. You have a dog in the fight, don't you? Every single post you make has an advertisement for your Z Story products at the bottom of it.

Your comments - with their undercurrent of negativity and between-the-lines casting of doubt - are unseemly in light of you retailing a rival product. I've told you before that you would be better advised to let your products speak for themselves, but here you are again posting aggressive, unfounded and simply mistaken comments about Fujitsubo and repeating unreasonable criticism (the guy who bought an exhaust which FGK specifically says will NOT fit his car) and open-to-debate conjecture (the "twin pipe exhausts are no good" guy for example) whilst never even once addressing what is important for FGK's Japanese customers (99.9% of their business).

For Japanese customers, FGK's products are ROAD LEGAL. The 'Legalis' systems are certificated by JASMA and Japan's transport ministry, do not invalidate insurance and do not need to be removed and replaced in order to pass the Japanese equivalent of the MOT test. They are also readily available, replaceable in sections and compliant with Japan's very strict (end-user focused) consumer laws. They also actually self-manufacture the products they sell, using Japanese labour and paying Japanese overheads (ie, not cheap).

Unless you take these basic points into account you cannot hope to comment on the product accurately, or fairly.
This is a quote taken from that US Z forum, posted in early 2017, obviously the us$ is at a much better rate now :

"Paid $1805.00 with shipping in October of 2016 shipped from Japan to United States. Headers fit great and clear left hand drive steering rack no problem but twice pipe exhaust was a poor fit on a 75 280. Had to have a shop cut and re fit exhaust to fit.

In hind sight for that kind of money I would recomend ........spend a little more and run kameari header / exhaust or save some money and use Sean's exhaust

Another quote :

"Dual system is just a waste . All that extra weight and the extra noise . All the pages of data I've read show without question that single exhaust is the best for power ."

Quoting the average $-Yen 2016 exchange rate of Y109 = $1 :

it cost the buyer (with import duties) approx Y197,000.

Today, the parts price (listed on RHDJapan before shipping) is Y223,000 and using todays' exchange rate : us$1560 / £1365.

Not criticism (for the over-sensitive) just stating facts.😎

A) I don't know why you're quoting 2016/7 exchange rates.

B) The guy who couldn't make it fit his '75 280' then complaining is just an idiot. as it was Never made to fit a 280z due to it having the much much larger r200 diff. his suggestion to mention getting a Kameari manifold when its not the manifold that's the problem, just goes to highlight that.

C) The other plonker who said a twin pipe system is a waste is also an idiot. Given the data fujitsubo display about its improvement. Also what the Nissan factory did with their race cars exhausts, also what every high performance IL6 system has fitted.

These are the facts


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This is the Legalis R Exhaust System 157024 and Super EX Manifold 118934 bought From RHD Japan, it does fit perfectly with an R180 don't know about R200's, it cost me in 2020 around £2000 all in, may well be different now. There is a vid on youtube, I cant work out how to link it but if you search "240z Fujitsubo Legalis R" it must be there somewhere! hope this helps.
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