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Fuel hose?? what to use?

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by johnymd, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. johnymd

    Z Club Member

    I seam to periodically re-address this issue but never really come up with a satisfactory answer. The hoses in question that I have issues with are the short lengths between tank, pumps, filters and fuel rails. They are usually secured with clamps and often have tight bends so this generally rules out Teflon pipes. I hate braided hose as you have no way off checking the condition of the hose until it spray fuel everywhere with the engine running. I find that on my cars the standard SAE J30R9 hose last about 2 years before showing signs of slight cracking and hardening. At this point I replace the hose. Some of the rubber fuel hoses on my blue car are from the old soarer so date back to '92 and show absolutely no sign of degrade are still very flexible so it is possible to get "better" rubber hose. So what is the answer? nitrile rubber maybe?
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  2. hallie

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  3. toopy

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    I thought the J30R9 was still the current grade of fuel injection hose used by manufacturers, i replaced a couple of short lengths of R7 fuel hose with the R9 stuff a couple of years back and it still looks the same, other than feeling a bit stiffer in situ. But that seems to happen to all hose eventually, even the silicone type coolant hose, although it does stay more supple for considerably longer.
  4. MaximG

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  5. johnymd

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    Thanks for the recommendation. As advanced fluid solutions are based close to my workshop I’ll pop in there tomorrow for a chat. They always sell cheaper to walk in customers than their Ebay prices.
  6. Makesy

    Z Club Member

    I bought most of my hose from Demon Tweeks. Odd bit from my local car shop

    Not sure which car of yours this is for @johnymd (and not to teach you how to suck eggs) but make sure you check it is FI rated if for your injected car.

    Most of the old hose I pulled out of mine had "not for FI use" written on it!

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