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Found this Buyer's Guide online

Discussion in 'General' started by Rob Gaskin, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. Rob Gaskin

    Rob Gaskin Treasurer Staff Member Moderator

    I haven't seen this before, it might be interesting to new members although I learnt that Austin 1800 driveshafts will fit - but are those available still?

    Also the term 'longitudinal cross-member' seems a contradiction.

    As usual prices are lower than the real world today.
  2. Rob Gaskin

    Rob Gaskin Treasurer Staff Member Moderator

    Found this - can't believe it myself but I'm willing to be convinced if anyone knows better. Didn't 1800s have rubber coupling UJs like the Mini?:

    Your father's skills are amazing, sadly very hard to find anywhere nowadays. I was aware of the link up between Austin and Datsun (Nissan) with A series engines being made under licence in Japan (but better than the original) and lots of common parts. Would you believe that the 1800 drive shaft was used on the rear of the Datsun 240Z sports car for example!

    Read more:

    And more:

    Datsun 240Z

    extract from link : "The 240Z’s engine was a straight-six with a chain-driven single overhead cam, which bore a distinct resemblance to a Mercedes of the period (there’s no obvious link, so let’s say it was an inspiration). It was teamed with a five-speed ’box. Front suspension was Ford-simple MacPherson struts, while the back featured another pair of struts with big, pressed-steel lower links, an independent system not unlike that on the Lotus Elan. A centrally mounted differential turned driveshafts which were apparently interchangeable with those on the front-drive Austin 1800, a legacy of the previous links between the two companies."

    Read more:
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  3. Pete

    Pete Well-Known Forum User

    I'm sure the big flashing red light and sirens are going off at Albrechts as I type.
  4. SeanDezart

    Z Club Member
    Official Trader

    Well, we all know that the Z was copied from (list here please) :

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  5. Albrecht

    Albrecht Well-Known Forum User

    I think the fable about the driveshafts is based on a story about a Works rally servicing 'emergency', originally recounted by Ray Hutton in Autocar's 'Given The Works' feature of early December 1970, which tested Rauno Aaltonen's car ('TKS 33 SA 695') which had just finished the 1970 RAC Rally.

    In the article, Hutton tells how Aaltonen and co-driver/navigator Paul Easter broke a driveshaft on the Clipstone stage, drove to the end of the stage with the remains flailing around (Aaltonen thought it was a puncture) and then removed it. They drove the next stage with only one driveshaft (hence proving that their LSD's preload must have been pretty high...!) and no rear brakes. At the next scheduled service Hutton recounts that the service crew (presumably having no spare driveshafts on board) took one from their 'Datsun 1800' estate service barge.

    I've seen this story - regurgitated half digested - retold as them 'borrowing' parts off of spectators' cars, including an Austin 1800 Land Crab. Ockham's Razor suggests Chinese Whispers is the most likely explanation.
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  6. Rob Gaskin

    Rob Gaskin Treasurer Staff Member Moderator

    So who repeated this then on this guide? Amazing.

    I've just read that very thing Alan and it clearly states Datsun 1800!
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