Fleet meet 31st Jan 2010


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31st Jan, arrive between 12:00 and 13:00
he 300guys have a regular meet under the heading of
Southern (East & West) Monthly (although not necessarily every month) Meet!!!

The next meet is at the De Havilland Arms PubElverham Heath , Fleet , Hampshire, GU51 1AH


If you are of a shy retiring nature this would not be the meet for you as they tend to be of the nature of wind ups and mickey takes but if you are an outgoing windup sort of person this the best pace to spend a few hours at instead of being at home stuck infront of the telly

You have been warned
attendees to date

1. Andy Isherwood
2. Rob Partridge
3. Nick Johnson
4. wozzer
5. ianl
6. madmarco
7. Steve Burns


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What a load of wimps
What are you scared of
Can't promise the girl but can promise you will have a good time


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Id love ta motor down there Steve but weve got our staff party to organize and obviously take part in Sunday afternoon :( The joys of Pub ownership LOL. :D Deffo see you all at Japfest though ! :driving::cool: Even got myself down for track time ! :eek::lol:


It's not that were wimps it's just that my other half is working! They're a great set of guys and gals as Sylvia and I met them near Petersfield a couple of months ago. It would have been great to get down and have 10% of the UKs population of 280ZX's in one car park.