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First Drive / Vehicle registration

Discussion in '240Z / 260Z / 280Z' started by kitesurfer, May 7, 2017.

  1. kitesurfer

    kitesurfer Well-Known Forum User

    After only ever driving a 240z once at the age of 17, thanks to an offer from a mate who had just bought one, I've finally driven one again yesterday!! Its certainly been several years since that day. Over the last few months I have been preparing the one I bought but have only been able to drive it 6 feet up and down the drive. Its an American import so I have had to sort a few things, especially the rear lights + all the bolts that someone hadn't tightened up properly!!. Well, yesterday it was MOT time and to say I was nervous was a bit of an understatement. I drove very slowly to the test center 3 miles away and was hugely relieved to find that the car felt fantastic. A few rattles and bangs but nothing untoward. Very pleased to say that my car passed its MOT with only a minor advisory concerning both ball joints having slight play (now on the list to replace). Driving back was fun. Didnt go mad as the car still needs setting up properly but what a car. Very very pleased to finally own and drive one. The engine noise and responsiveness of the handling was fantastic.
    Ok, so I'm almost there, only the registration process. Am I correct in obtaining a V55/5 form? Do I need any other form and does it really take 6 weeks to obtain a british plate?
    I have the NOVA number + American ticket so I'm hoping the process will be straightforward.
  2. Garaculas

    Z Club Member

    Congratulations in bringing your Z back to life!

    I've just been through the exact same process with my California import so i know how you feel.

    You'll need a V55/5 form to fill in and the registration fee which i think is around £55. Loads of the sections on the form won't be applicable because it asks for figures taken from some document given by the manufacturer at the time of production. Just fill in what you can.

    Send that, the US Title, MOT and proof of insurance to the DVLA and hope for the best! I had a random spot check on my application so they sent somebody out to photograph the car and prove that it's legit. Even without that, expect it to take weeks.

    Worth the wait though! :)
  3. uk66fastback

    Z Club Member

    Take a colour photocopy (or scan it) of the US title as will not get it back afterwards ... if you're interested in the history of the car, former keepers etc ...
  4. Bobafett

    Z Club Member

  5. kitesurfer

    kitesurfer Well-Known Forum User

    Fantastic, thanks for the reply. V55/5 now ordered!! I've prepared myself for a few weeks so it's not the end of the world + I still have a load of jobs to do on the car. Electronic ignition is one and also a replacement of all the weatherproofing seals which have suffered over the years. I've also been waiting for the weather to warm up so I can spray all the box sections with rust inhibitor. I hope your enjoying your car which presumably is now on the road :)
  6. kitesurfer

    kitesurfer Well-Known Forum User

    Thanks for that. I had assumed it all came back!! Although I'm lead to believe it has only had one previous owner I would like to verify the history. I will find some time to contact the previous owner over the next few weeks

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