Exhaust fitment problems


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I’m fitting a Z Story system to my 76 280. The problem I have is the crankcase breather pipe is very very close to the front tube. The one on my engine is angled to the the bottom of the inlet manifold,My thoughts are I need to move the tube out of the way.
Looking at other L6 series engines some pipes are straight,has anyone moved or replace the tube as I can’t get the thing to move a single millimetre.
I’ve include a couple of picture to try and explain.
Any thought ideas would be appreciated.


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Just fitted my MSA header with no such issues. Even had enough room to refit my filter at the end of the pipe and the heat shield.

My breather pipe is straight and is fixed.


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The pipe is just bumped into the block - if you can get a tool on it, it will just pull out (but it's hard to get the leverage with the engine in the car)
I'd try to rotate it with some stillsons, or failing that, stick a breaker bar in the pipe to just past the bend and bend it away.


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Thanks for your reply’s, I’m going to have a play with with it tomorrow, I’ll try heating it up and trying to bend it first.
I’ll let you know how it goes.



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Off work now so I’ve got some Z time this week. I’ve not managed to move the pipe at all it is well and truly stuck in there,thinking that cutting it makes sense now and leaving it open are there any possible issues with doing that? I know I’ll have to plug the inlet manifold end at least.



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Is your 280 still running EFI or have you converted it to carbs? If still EFI you will need to keep the crank outlet to inlet manifold loop. If carbs you can leave it off, stick a little breather filter on the crank pipe and blank off the inlet.


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Still running the EFI on the car, so by the sound of it I need to adapt the pipe and keep the loop. That makes my life more interesting.