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Excessive pedal travel

Discussion in 'S30 (240Z,260Z,280Z) Suspension,Brakes and Steerin' started by Peato40, Dec 28, 2018.

  1. Col-b

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  2. Peato40

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    My problem wasn't related to the front caliper upgrade as it was there before. I've since found that I'm not able to pull a vacuum in my Servo, so its no doubt causing my issue, so now I'm in the process of modifying to a dual master cylinder arrangement and not bother with a servo.
  3. toopy

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  4. Breakzero

    Breakzero Forum User

    I think I'm going to join in here too. Recently doing and overhaul of the brakes as they were terrible!
    So I pieced together a hilux s12w with vented discs, braided lines stoptech pads etc etc. Bled the system up. Got a decent pedal. Start the car and the pedal goes to the floor.
    I think a PO has removed the pressure valve to the rear drums. So I have since ordered the wilwood 5 way prop valve installed that.
    Brakes were a pig to bleed. Lots of bleeding later Now i have a pedal. But the same issue, when the car is running, pedal to the floor pretty much, haven't even driven the car. Doesnt feel right.
    Is this the booster. Haven't vac tested it. I will do this tomorrow.
    I also have an R33 master and servo I planned to install but was hoping they would be fairly good without that.
    Also does anyone know if the wilwood bias reads less brake arrow.. is this less to the rear or front?

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  5. SacCyclone

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    I don't see a pic of the booster....
    Are you working on a 240 / 260 / 280????
  6. Breakzero

    Breakzero Forum User

    Sorry I meant is this the booster at fault?
    Car is a 250z with mostly 280z parts
  7. SacCyclone

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    Sorry, don't know about the Wilwood question.
    If the pedal travels to the floor, you may have to get a longer rod inside the booster.
    In my experience with boosters, 2 things will occur when they go bad. First, the pedal pressure becomes very high to get the car to stop. The second, at an idle when the brakes are applied the engine rpm's will increase slightly due to the vacuum leak inside a faulty booster diaphragm.
  8. Breakzero

    Breakzero Forum User

    Cheers Mike. I'm just going to fit the R33 master and servo. Not too sure about the idle thing you mentioned. I just tested my k20 civic I built (brakes and master/servo are all integra DC2 setup and the car stops incredibly well) When I pump the pedal at idle the revs increase with that. Which to my understanding is the air being pushed into the intake manifold through the booster pipe. The added air means revs alter a bit and climb.
  9. Breakzero

    Breakzero Forum User

    So I fitted the skyline R33 BM44 master and servo. Brakes are on point now. Decent upgrade, pedal has good modulation and brakes feel more like a modern car.

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  10. MaximG

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    What modifications were required to make it fit?
  11. Breakzero

    Breakzero Forum User

    4 new holes in the bulkhead for the servo is a little bit tricky but not hard. Clevis pin into pedal straight fit. New hardline brake lines to the wilwood or stock prop valve. Done. Easy upgrade.
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