England to Australia


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Wow, $90,000 USD.
When I think I have a pretty good feel on prices, something comes along to tell me I have been asleep at the wheel....
Just my opinion though.


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I can see us loosing good examples like this abroad due to the prices they fetch.
Can you see anyone over here paying £65k for a car of this quality?


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Australian second hand car prices are generally a lot higher than the ROW due to their fairly complicated import laws.

For example, a 2000 Porsche 911 (996, the cheapest 911) here is roughly £10-15k. Over there they start at £30k.


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I’ve recently imported a Toyota landcruiser BJ40 from Oz
Chatting to the previous owner last week over there he commented that prices have taken a hike in the last six months .
Rarely any Datsun 240z up for sale over there only adverts looking for cars