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Drag Challenge Rules for 2013

Discussion in 'Rally & race' started by Mr.F, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. Mr.F

    Z Club Committee
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    Drag Challenge Rules – 2013 season

    This competition is open to drivers of Fairlady Z model vehicles which retain at least the basic steel monocoque of an original car. All drivers must also be members of the Z Club in order to be awarded points and to be eligible for inclusion in the Z Club Hall of Fame. Members of other Z Clubs are welcome to attend and compete, but any points scored will be in an Invitational capacity and not eligible for any subsequent prize and trophy awarded.
    The 2013 season will consist of six rounds at which qualifying and an elimination round will be run. At North Weald the elimination will be "heads-up". At Shakespeare County and Santa Pod the elimination will be run to Bracket Racing rules.
    The elimination will nominally be for eight top qualifiers. In the event of a lower number of entrants, the fastest qualifiers will receive "bye" runs in the first round. In the event of significantly more than eight qualifiers, a sixteen car eliminator will be run (at the discretion of the track organisers).

    1. The Class structure will be:

    Class 1 is for S30 cars, i.e. all 240Z, 260Z, 260Z 2+2 and any import varieties that are deemed to fit this bracket. No distinction is being made regarding modified or un-modified and anything goes (multiple carbs. of any size, injection, bored and stroked, LSD) as long as the original series engine, normally aspirated, remains the core of the project. No turbo cars – these move into Class 3 – see below. No nitrous oxide injection and no slicks, however. Use of either or both of these two items automatically lifts you into the Super-Mod / Hybrid Class. Cars must be driven to and from the meeting.

    Class 2 is for S130 and Z31 normally aspirated models only. Any mods allowed apart from turbos as long as the original engine configuration remains the core concept. No NoS or slicks, etc. – see above.

    Class 3
    is for forced induction cars from the S30, S130 and Z31 model range – factory turbo, aftermarket turbo or supercharger; this is where you will compete. Any mods allowed, except… Original engine configuration only, otherwise off to Super-Mod. No NoS or slicks, etc. – see above.

    Class 4 is for Z32 NA models. All mods allowed as long as no forced induction. No NoS or slicks, etc. – see above.

    Class 5 will be for Z32 Twin Turbos – no holds barred; if you have 600bhp you race with the 350bhp guys! As above, however, no NoS and no slicks, etc. – let traction be the equaliser!

    Class 6 is for the Z33 and Z34, modified or forced induction. No NoS, no slicks, etc. as above.

    Class 7 is for Super Modified cars - essentially it is a combination of Hybrid cars and extreme modded versions running the original engine (engine swaps, enough horsepower to need slicks, NoS if you like). All race prepared cars in regular competition use and any cars trailered to the meeting will run Super Modified.

    Cars competing in classes 1 to 6 are expected to conform to all legal requirements of a road-going, MOT'd and taxed vehicle and to have been driven to and from the track, i.e. a typical Clubman's car. Cars brought on trailers / transporters, cars in regular competition use and cars stripped or lightened excessively may be subject to additional scrutiny before being allocated to a class. The decision of the official on the day will be final.
    With the introduction of various treaded slick tyres designed specifically for drag racing, it is felt that the additional clause must be added for Classes 1 – 6: “Tyres must be fully street legal, capable of passing an MOT and the car must be capable of driving to the strip on those tyres. DOT marked but non- street legal tyres will be deemed to raise the competitor to Class 7 status.” Check references to Santa Pod’s own Street Eliminator rulings.
    Additionally, competitors will need to comply with the Ten Point list posted elsewhere in the section - this is in regard of general car preparation, helmets and driving requirements. Please read!

    2. Points will be accumulated in a variety of ways according to the type of meeting:

    •At all meetings, points will be awarded in class for the fastest cars on the day in each round of the competition. However, the points awarded will reflect the number of competitors in class. For example, ten competitors will receive 10 points for fastest down to 1 point for slowest; six competitors will receive 6 points for fastest down to 1 point for slowest; three competitors will receive 3 points for fastest, 2 points for second and 1 point for third. A single competitor in class will receive only 1 point when they complete at least one run on the day. Classes in excess of ten competitors will only be awarded points from 10 for first down to 1 for tenth. Subsequent places will score no points.

    •At all meetings points will additionally be awarded for your attendance. If you come to watch without a Z you will be awarded a flat 2 points per meeting attended. However, if you attend with your Z (whether you run the car or not), you will get 2 points for the first meeting you attend, 4 points for the second meeting you attend, 6 points for the third, 8 points for the fourth, 10 points for the fifth and so on, up to a massive 20 points if you attend all ten meetings. In other words, the more support you give your Club, the more points you score!

    At Bracket meetings (Shakespeare County) and Heads-Up Meetings (North Weald), points will be awarded for your finishing position in the Eliminator – for an 8 car field, 10 points to the winner, 5 to the runner-up, 3 each to second round losers and 1 each to first round losers. For a sixteen car field, 20 points to the winner, 10 points for runner-up, 5 points each for third round losers, 3 points each for second round losers and 1 point each for first round losers.

    3. The Prizes:

    •Trophies will be awarded for highest points gained across ten rounds in each of the Classes outlined above. There may be additional Sponsorship prizes announced during the season.

    •There will be a Grand Drag Challenge Champion Award for the individual who has amassed the most points across all six rounds. The prizes here will be the Grand Champion Trophy and the winner will also receive Free Membership to The Z Club for the year following their next renewal date! Grand Champion steps up from leader of Class and second in Class will be awarded Class win.
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  2. RobZ32

    RobZ32 New Forum User

    Am I correct in thinking that road legal track day tyres are still OK in the standard classes 1 to 6? I don’t want to turn up next year having fitted some 888s and get bumped into class 7.
  3. Mr.F

    Z Club Committee
    Committee Member

    Most types of track tyre will meet road legal approval (at the moment - the situation is set to change). We have allowed Mickey Thompson drag radials to run in the past - the basic criteria are MOT'd and driven to track!
  4. Mr.F

    Z Club Committee
    Committee Member

    Bump - regulations updated to 2012. Please contact me if you have any queries...
  5. Mr.F

    Z Club Committee
    Committee Member


    Please read revised rules if you are entering the 2013 Drag Challenge.

    Also, last year's competitors will shortly be receiving a permanent race number to use at all events - these are Z01 - ZXX and represent your finishing position in the table for the 2012 season.
    If you do NOT intend to compete again this year, let me know and I can allocate your number elsewhere.
    If you have not competed previously and intend to enter at least some of this year's events, please contact me and I will issue higher numbers accordingly.
  6. Wyn

    Z Club Member

    Sure I missed them but is there any 2013 dates set yet ?
  7. Mr.F

    Z Club Committee
    Committee Member

    Provisional dates about to be published - Santa Pod being tardy in confirming that we can run Bracket at JapShow 1 and 2.
  8. johnymd

    Z Club Member

    Running at Japfest will be great, cant wait.I must go and check on the car as I haven't seen it for a few months.
  9. johnymd

    Z Club Member

    It would also be great if we could get the drag race section of the forum working for this year. A hall of fame link in the dropdown would be good too.
  10. Mr.F

    Z Club Committee
    Committee Member


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