Distributor 300zxz31


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Hi all
does any one where I can get a distributor for my 300zxz31 non turbo 1987 ?


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I've bought loads of stuff from Rockauto - shipping is fast with fedex with import / vat pre-paid.
The downsides are: 1) they stock varied quality parts - it is possible to get junk. 2) they can make mistakes and ship the wrong thing.
Both of those are made worse in the UK in that returning parts for credit/refund are very expensive (but they are always willing to take a return).
a core return is where you've got to send them back your failed old part for it to be remanufactured - which can be expensive.


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Bought two rear brake calipers from them - one was not the correct one (it was even too big for the box but that didn’t stop them), the other was faulty
I much prefer Zcardepot