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Diff / UJ Halfshaft Noise - Video Inside!

Discussion in 'Hybrid Z cars' started by RyanT, Aug 10, 2019.

  1. RyanT

    RyanT New Forum User

    Hi, long time lurker here -

    Having some issues with my new to me LS1 swapped 240Z. I believe it’s got an R200 mated to some ‘83 ZXT half shafts.

    In the passenger (LHD car) rear I’m getting knocking over bumps, around corners and driveline vibration above 65.

    I’ve taken the rear suspension off and that same rear passenger side makes this noise when rotated:


    I do the same with the other side and it’s quiet.

    I guess first step is to swap the shafts left/right to see if the noise follows? If so that rules out the diff. Then it’s whether I can source replacement half shafts or get these rebuilt..?

    Any input appreciated.
  2. jonbills

    ZClub Administrator
    Staff Member Moderator

    That was a half shaft in the US, its a drive shaft now
    I'd agree swapping the driveshafts around will tell: its either that CV or the output bearing of the diff.
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  3. RyanT

    RyanT New Forum User

    Ah yes, I keep doing things like that ever since getting the Z (that’s Zed, not Zee). Thanks for the input also!
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