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Datsun 260z widebody/flared arches

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by Laurie, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. Laurie

    Laurie New Forum User


    This is my 260z with widebody/flared arches - I think it improves the look of the car. Opinions please?

    Thanks Laurie 20170815_180312.jpg 20170815_180318.jpg 20170815_180353.jpg 20170815_180404.jpg 20170815_180417.jpg 20170815_180429.jpg 20170815_180437.jpg 20170815_180556.jpg 20170815_180611.jpg 20180110_164235.jpg
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  2. Woody928

    Z Club Member

    Hi Laurie,

    Seeing as you've asked for opinions I can't be wrong ;) Just be prepared for what you ask for.

    Personally it is not to my taste, I don't think it enhances the original shape of the car. I much prefer the stock lines of the original car and think that the wheels fitted are too big for the era. In my opinion I wouldn't want wheels any bigger than 16's fitted and 15's with proper rubber generally get my vote. Are the arches functional? (what size are the rear wheels/tyres?).

    It looks like the work has been done to a good standard and if you like it then why worry, it's your car at the end of the day and non one else's.
  3. Chappers

    Z Club Member

    I don't dislike it but I prefer standard.
    I may be wrong but it appears to have a front strut brace on the rear?
  4. Jimbo

    Jimbo 1978 260z in yellow

    nice concept but i have to agree with the others the lines especially where it meets the back of the doors isnt quite as nice as origenal.
    that said i like the wheels!
    but each to their own, still nice to see another z
  5. johnymd

    Z Club Member

    I'm always interested in wide body cars but with an s30, I'm not sure it works that well. I think its because the rear wheel is just too close the back of the door to get a good enough transmission. The corvettes achieved it by having the door bled well into the arch/quarter from factory.

    Just my opinion. Looks great from the back though.
  6. Mr Ex Jnr

    Mr Ex Jnr Zeds is the way iv been shown Staff Member

    Lovely looking 260z seen it on facebook on a spotted page u in yorkahire

    Everyone got there own taste upto you what you do I like standard z I like racing z my mates for widen rear on his 260z
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