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daily drive? weekend toy?

Discussion in 'Z32 300ZX' started by AL_300zxtt, Sep 26, 2003.

  1. AL_300zxtt

    AL_300zxtt New Forum User

    Just out of intrest who uses there z as a daily drive and who uses it as a weekend play thing?

    I use mine as my daily drive but i dont do very many miles and i have the use of another car if i need it!! i do about 3 miles to work and back and then about a mile and a half to the pub,i walk at the weekend <img src="http://www.zclub.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/wink.gif" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=';)'> to the pub that is!!

    I was planning on using it all through the winter is this a good idea and is it likely to be reliable enough? it seems fine so far.(touch wood)
  2. Gio

    Gio Gio

    Depends very much on condition / mods etc.

    But if yours is well maintained and hasn't been tweaked within an inch of its life, you should be fine as a daily driver. Mine is (or was until the last bit of "unpleasantness") and will be again.

    I've used mine throughout the year as a work car and I'm happy to carry on doing so. But mine is basically stock, maintained religiously (as in "Jesus Christ - how much?" &nbsp;<img src="http://www.zclub.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/tounge.gif" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':p'> ) and driven by a wuss.

    I haven't updated this for a while but it might give you some idea of the maintenance. running costs

    It may be spooky but the update I did in Aug 03 (not yet on the website) shows that it is
    still costing 56p a mile!

    The only thing I would say is that 3 miles is not enough for the car to be "happy" - i.e. fully warmed through, at operating temperature, cats working etc.

    You should do a longer "leg stretch" run regularly. (No idea on the proper schedule as I am no techy but at a guess at least half an hour of varied (from 30mph limits to motorway) driving each week.)

    HTH - Gio
  3. AL_300zxtt

    AL_300zxtt New Forum User

    Well i havent had it to long and it seems in pretty good nick,so far i've had a new radiator,front brake calipers,front and rear pads and its gonna need new back boxes soon but im proberly gonna go for a s/s cat back system.(i knew about most of these things when i bought her)

    the only mods are a boost upgrade 1.0bar and air intake, its now on about 100k miles, i suppose i do a few longer runs from time to time!!

    a chap i know can do most of the servicing/repairs but i think he may struggle with any specialist work dont suppose anybody could recommend a good garage in the east anglian area? i think the former owner had most of the work done at SE nissan in maldon essex,anybody delt with them before? he lived near swindon and used to travel a long way to go there so he must of been happy with there work! he also recommended them, but i havent herd anybody else talk about them so i was just wondering if there worth using or if there is better specialists about?
  4. AL_300zxtt

    AL_300zxtt New Forum User

    o yeah gio sorry to hear about your car( i read your post) hope u get her fixed up soon.
  5. Conrad

    Conrad New Forum User

    Used mine every day for work for the first two years I had it, without any problems at all; apart from racking up about 20,000 miles doing it that is :(

    A good Z should be plenty reliable enough but you'll find that the fuel savings alone could well make it worth your while getting a 'runner' to keep the mileage off your pride and joy ! Keeps all the salt off it too then, and other drivers away from it when it's icy ! ;)
  6. jonnyd64

    jonnyd64 New Forum User

    She`s Black , japanese, in leather and she is definately a plaything , but does get a run to Heathrow and back every friday, which gets her warmed up and thats when the fun begins for the week end.;) ;)
    Would love to use her more , but dreaded company car has to be used:( ,,,,but now the silly season has started ,,damp roads , low sun ,etc,, its a good thing i don`t have to use her :cool: .
  7. Richardd

    Richardd New Forum User

    I use my Z32 everyday, approx 40 miles. Has been trouble free up till this week. Strange whiring sound coming from the back, hope its just a wheel bearing? Apart from that its been as good as gold. (touch wood)
  8. JEZ 280ZX

    JEZ 280ZX Links Editor

    I used to use my Z32 everyday for work....a 40 mile round trip.But the fuel bills soon ground me down.I always intended to cruise at 70mph and save fuel, but usually ended up screaming along at much higher speeds and using my weekly petrol allowance up in a day!:D
  9. RichardSmith

    Z Club Member

    I use mine every day for a 9 mile each way trip to and from work. Approx 6 miles at 70 on dual carriageways and the other 3 at 30 in town.

    Otherwise I use my wife's corsa for local trips etc at weekends.

    Zed also gets used for holidays and weekend breaks. (Much more street cred than the corsa when driving into hotel car parks;) )

  10. Gio

    Gio Gio

    Hallo Richard - welcome to the other side! With apologies for the post-hijack, you should pen a few words about your Z and its history along with a few pics. Great stuff for the Z Club mag....
  11. SkylineDave

    SkylineDave New Forum User

    Mine is just for work (which thank the Lord is only half a mile down the road!), going around town once a week, and other bits and bobs. Still putting £20 per week in it tho! Where does it all go!?!?!?! :(
  12. BarryD

    BarryD New Forum User

    Supposed to be a Funday car, but somehow I think it will be used daily...

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