Considering sellling one of my zeds ( Blue 73 - White 70)


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Due to a change in circumstances - im considering selling one of my Z's.

Putting it out here for interest before going officially out to market . Drop me a message if you are really interested.

Ill know better in the next couple of weeks, what the plan is . I know ill regret selling either ,id rather sell the white one - but the blue 73 is the most likely to put space in the garage.

I acquired it the xmas before lockdown and havent done a lot to it - aside from drive it.

It didnt come with a lot of information/paperwork - so what I know was from talking with the previous owner /and the auction info.

Blue 73 - in metallic blue ( Renault colour ) . It looks great - really draws attention .

LHD arizona import - solid - and in good condition
I had the car into rustbusters - who stripped off the old underseal and photo'd the floors etc before recoating - i have these pics somewhere.

The PO advertised as rebuilt SU carbs ( rebuilt ) , new clutch , timing chain , water pump, electric fuel pump - just prior to me buying it . Ive done a couple of thousand miles max.

Engine bay is clean and polished .

I know i need to sort out the sponges on the carbs - they were put there by the PO and ive never removed them .

There is some paint missing off a chassis rail - where brake fluid got on it . just needs touching up

BC Coilovers and Enkei 15 x 8 wheels with Toyo T1-R .

Front and rear Cusco strut bars

123 ignition distributor - recent coil and HT leeds .

Ali radiator and twin electric fans

Z story 2.5" exhaust and JDM style muffler . Ceramic coated manifolds .

It runs pretty well - could do with setting up properly if im being honest . I played about with the 123 settings when i shouldnt have done ........

HI-Lux front brakes

The interior is very tidy with almost everything working . The radio is present but doesnt work for some reason. I like engine noises so havent bothered.

It has a dash cap - ive never seen underneath

The bad bits worth noting.

It has a 5 speed box fitted and second gear synchro is worn. 2nd is hard to get/crunchy.
Its 4 speed box is present and included - and i was assured in working condition .

I also have an S14 box sat on the garage floor - which i may include for the right offer .

A PO has botched the install of the wing mounted mirrors at some point and repairs are evident on both wings
Similarly - they also shut the bonnet with the the oil filler cap left on the engine and has a damage point on the bonnet .

There is very little otherwise to fault with the body work.

Probably worth mentioning - that the reason for sale is not financial as such - its more of a space issue.
I'm not looking to unload them at a bargain price. Ideally i'd like around £30k- if i decide to sell.







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My white car is also a LHD - but a 1970

I was using it regularly until i acquired the blue one - when i took it off the road to solve a few issues - and never got finished .

Its too good to describe as a project car - but needs a bit of TLC . Its currently on stands with the front struts removed awaiting reassembly with new shocks , bushes etc.

There are quite a lot of spares to go with it which i can list - full poly bush set , x2 new brake calipers , set of shocks etc etc. - and a spare L24 engine , complete with carbs that i acquired several years ago.

Its solid enough - has one area of the chassis needs a repair where it was badly jacked and corroded by the looks of it .
I was going to get this done once id put it back together.

Its largely standard/original - engine is a bit scruffy but ran ok .

Interior is a mixture of blue original vinyl and black recovered seats - again - very usable but a bit dated.
Dash is cracked and needs repair / cap.

Paint has some blistering - mainly on the front right wing .

The rota wheels ( 16 x 7 ) are fairly new - it had wolfies on when i bought it .

Ive had the car for quite a while and have loads of receipts for parts and some work done over the years .







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So £30k for the blue one, can’t see a price for the white ‘un? Or was the 30k for both? Which I doubt …


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Yeah - I couldve perhaps made that clearer .

You are correct @uk66fastback - its not both for £30k.
Buy one get one frees are for sausage rolls - not zeds .

Ideally Id like to be at £30k for the blue one .

I dont expect £30k for the white one and I didnt put a price on it .

Ill be working on getting put back together (if i have time) over the next few weeks and i was considering what it is worth today as it is, and as fully running /driving car . For some people on here - its probably a weeks work to get it roadworthy . Im a slow worker .

Id be closer to £20k with the spare engine ( and i need to review the other spares).