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By making use of the club community you are acknowledging that you have read, understood and agreed to abide by the following code of conduct. It is our intention that the forum is a place for fun, information and light-hearted enjoyment; this should not however come at the cost of ignoring the rights and sensibility of others. Please be helpful and respectful to other community members.

If you find that someone has broken the code of conduct in a post, rather than biting back and potentially getting yourself in trouble, it's far better to report the offending post and we can sort it out for you.

Our code of conduct:

  1. Keep your replies on topic.

    The technical threads should be a safe harbour for sharing and archiving quality information. Continued off-topic replies will be removed or censored by the administration. Do not continue to banter on about irrelevant things once the original discussion is over. Random posts at the end of threads will be deleted.

    This is also important on classified listings. Questions from buyers are allowed, but no general discussion on items / cars for sale is allowed unless it happens in the 'classifieds discussion' forum.

  2. The following will not be tolerated:

    i) Inflammatory responses
    ii) Use of inappropriate language
    iii) Harassment of other members (whether in posts or PMs)
    iv) Name calling
    v) Picking fights
    vi) Inciting arguments
    vii) Posts / links of a sexist, sexual, lewd, explicit or racist nature

  3. Threads deliberately started to invite arguments / flame wars will not be tolerated.

    If a otherwise normal thread is deemed to have gone off-track the offending posts may be edited or removed. Threads that are deliberately started with this purpose will be removed entirely.

  4. Spam posting is not permitted.

  5. Potentially libellous posts / threads will not be tolerated.

    By posting potentially libellous information about companies or persons online you may expose yourself (and potentially the club) to legal action. The club reserves the right to remove any such content without notice.

  6. Advertising and sale of illegal bootleg material (such as copyright video, music and computer software) is not permitted.

Moderation of content :

Moderators may monitor and if necessary edit, move, lock or delete posts in order to protect the integrity of the community. Moderators follow a strict set of guidelines. When a post is moved, edited, deleted by the moderators it should not be regarded as a direct or personal attack on a particular individual.

Threads or posts will be moved if:
  1. They clearly belong in another thread / part of the forum.
  2. The topic moves significantly, so that it would now be more appropriate to another part of the forum
  3. The content is deemed too “silly” for the content of other forums where it will then be moved to “Anything and Everything” and monitored accordingly.
Threads or posts may be edited or deleted if:
  1. They are deemed to contravene any of the code of conduct outlined above.
  2. They have referenced a post or thread which has contravened the code of conduct.
  3. Continuity needs to be preserved (ie. in the event of other posts being removed / moved)

Disciplinary Procedure:

Failure to abide by the code of conduct will result in a warning or immediate ban depending upon the severity of the offence. Users who persist in breaking the code of conduct will be banned from the forum.

As a general rule three warnings will be given to an offender followed by a permanent ban if the warnings continue to be ignored The Club reserves the right to an immediate ban if the moderators feel it is needed:

  • First offence – user reminded of code of conduct
  • Second offence – one-week ban
  • Third offence – one month ban
  • Fourth offence – permanent ban

Non-permanent bans will remain on file for three months. After that period the ban is removed. At least four moderators will decide upon a permanent ban. Banned users will be able to see the reason for their ban and it's duration when they access the community.

Should you receive a warning or temporary ban that you feel was not warranted you may appeal the decision by contacting the administrators via e-mail at within seven days of the incident.

At least three moderators will adjudicate the appeal. Their decision will be final and will be communicated back to you.

If there is any problem or disagreement with decisions do not make a ‘flame post’. This will not enhance your case and will be immediately removed. No public discussion will be entered into and any post intended to highlight or publicise the incident will be removed immediately. If the offender persists, this will result in suspension of their account to restore order to the community.

The club reserves the right to edit, delete or move any posts that are deemed unsuitable for our community and reserves the right to remove any forum user’s access and / or delete all of his / her posts. This may be done without consultation or recourse if it is deemed necessary by the club.
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