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Clutch slave rubber boot

Discussion in 'Drivetrain' started by TimFZ, Feb 17, 2021.

  1. TimFZ

    Z Club Member

    Hi, is there a rubber boot available for the clutch actuating arm on a jdm 5 speed box (1975)? Mine is working fine but the rubber is perished and it could start letting in dirt etc. Is it easy to fit?
  2. atomman

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  3. TimFZ

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  4. Turn & Burn

    Turn & Burn
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  5. Minksport

    Z Club Member

    I have some of these new ones

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  6. nospark

    nospark Well-Known Forum User

    I bought a clutch slave cylinder rubber dust boot from the local Nissan dealership back in 2016. They obviously had to order it in. Some parts were carried over to later models. As I recall the original S30 part number has been revised to a new number but their computer system should pick this up.
  7. Geoff-R

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