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Car values

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by status, May 23, 2020 at 7:12 AM.

  1. status

    Z Club Member

    They usually are robbing people that are a bit niave about the value of wot they might be purchasing knowing full well wot they are doing you or me wouldn’t like it if someone done that to our mum/dad/family would we,not everyone out there is savied up about everything.Some tax dodgers are worse and the likes of you and me probably buy goods or have done in the past off of them
  2. status

    Z Club Member

    Just to point out my mate didn’t buy his lotus with the money
  3. uk66fastback

    Z Club Member

    The days of buying a Lotus Cortina for £10k are well and truly gone.
  4. status

    Z Club Member

    Yeah your right there
  5. franky

    franky Well-Known Forum User

    imagine if the mods could make a forum of deleted content.
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  6. status

    Z Club Member

    They would delete it all before they even thought if it,unfortunately Franky boy it’s frowned upon to have a bit of a laugh and a bit of banter in case someone gets upset and starts to winge or cry as a lot of people on here haven’t a soh,yes it did get out of hand sometimes and get off topic a bit but then most of us don’t come on here much because of it hence it’s quite a boring place sometimes but it still has it’s good points,that’s wot my missus says about me

    my mate who got his dosh for the lotus got a 57 k pay out on his mk1 lotus cortina two years back when it was nicked
    He now has a MK 11 lotus which was always the better car of the two which was rebuilt ten years or so ago but still needed a bit of fettling here and there to make it mint,he is probably spending another 10 k to make it how it should be,we took it up to Bolton back in Feb to have a power steering kit put in as he had a serious cancer op last year and it will make it easier to park,they do them for Zeds cost is about £700 then we took it to a car trimmers in Wolverhampton for a new roof lining and new carpet,I think I might’ve matched the 260 original carpet so if anyone is interested I’ll put a separate thread up later.Going back to the car value bit I think sometimes people are jumping on the bandwagon asking stupid money for a pile of junk and ripping someone off that doesn’t really know bugger all about cars,if you’ve had the usual suspect fords back in the day from the 70s then like me and a few others you’d probably know every nut and bolt and the different welds in place although it might be the same model ie twin cam MK 1 Escort but it has welds in different places compared to a normal escort,useless bit of info there but unless you know the little details like that you can get stung,They we’re going for about 47 K 10 years ago,
    Wots one worth now,my other mate has two of them,oh how we wish we kept some of the fords we had back in the 70 s
    But saying that none of them get near a 240/260 for looks,driveability,reliability and class do they and like any 70 s car they are all rot boxes
  7. status

    Z Club Member

    My future classic cars that I put some money into is an impreza blobeye sti uk car low mileage with the ppp pack,had to be blue with the pro drive gold alloys,not a boy racer or tarts car now as we don’t see em hardly do we and they doubled in price over a period of three years or so,I’ve also a jdm Hawkeye wagon another Rare sight and they sit next to my BMW Z 4 m coupe which is a bit of a weapon and the nearest thing by modern day standards you will get to a 240/260 in my eyes,just think wot a Z 3 M Coupe was worth about 12-13 years ago and wot they go for now with the s54 engine in them,I paid a little over the odds for the wagon but I knew that plus I lost in depreciation about £1300 on my WRX blob wagon in the six years I had it how many other cars hold value like that,point is I knew wot I was doing when buying and selling,That’s the point of the thread really,I knew wot I was doing many people don’t when it comes to getting a so called classic
  8. 8658kv

    Z Club Member

    Cosworth sold for just over £36k with fees.
    Mk 1 Lotus Cortina sold for £49,500.
    Even a Nissan Patrol sold for around £19k.

    205 Rally car made £100k over estimate.

    Looking through quickly most of the car sold probably around 90%, a lot well over estimate.

    Not sure the classic car markets dropping yet!
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  9. status

    Z Club Member

    Good price for the lotus if it was mint and the cosies have gone up a bit,lost track on them lately,my mate has the rs 500 I think it is the 2 door with massive spoiler on the back can’t believe that about the Patrol
  10. Pete

    Pete Well-Known Forum User

    After todays UK press conference (shitshow) at 17:00, how do you think having Dominic Cummings running the country will affect Zed prices.
  11. status

    Z Club Member

    All prices are gonner have their assess kicked due to wots going on atm mass unemployment,companies gone to the wall,houses reposesd,more wife and husbands being battered,more riots
    We’re all doomed
    Ok where I live in the sticks as most have gun dogs and twelve gauges,I’m gonner update the booby traps next weekend and put a little bit more razor wire up in certain places
    The city is empty,it’s really spooky although the roads going into the likes of Camden and alike are getting back to rush hour status
    Those people in government are the biggest hypocrites to walk the planet mate and it’s us that suffer with possible losses on our investments if that’s wot we bought them for in the first place but if it’s just to enjoy it doesn’t apply really
    My advice is,Don’t vote for em as you are just encouraging them
    Enjoy your Zed cos that lot ain’t gonner enjoy it are they

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