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candy red resto pics what do u think made bigger

Discussion in 'Rebuilds and restorations' started by candy red, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. Rob Gaskin

    Rob Gaskin Treasurer in training Staff Member Moderator

    A top class job and lovely car. Those engine bay photos are flawless.

    A credit to your hard work, skill and determination.

    Merry Christmas to you too Derrick
  2. fae821w

    Z Club Member

    Looks absolutely stunning in daylight Derrick,you must be well chuffed.I am still amazed at the time and effort you have put into this project. (How long did it all take?)

    Merry Christmas to you!

  3. candy red

    candy red Active Forum User

    cheers Andy it took two and half yearS, nights, weekends

  4. zedache

    zedache New Forum User

    Congratulations. A top job. I wish I had a tenth of your patience and ability.

  5. candy red

    candy red Active Forum User

  6. candy red

    candy red Active Forum User

  7. Tim Jewitt

    Tim Jewitt New Forum User

    Looks superb, Derrick. Better than new.
  8. candy red

    candy red Active Forum User

    Thanks TIM have a good one :cheers::cheers::party:Derrick
  9. lukerichardson

    lukerichardson New Forum User

    Hi Derrick... that looks amazing! I am inspired to do mine so nice now! Job well done.
  10. Paul_S

    Z Club Member

    I've just spent over an hour reading every word and studying every picture of this thread.

    Absolutely class - an epic restoration :bow:

    I hope the weather clears up so you can enjoy your new ride to the max :thumbs:
  11. candy red

    candy red Active Forum User

    Thanks Paul glad you liked it and glad you didn't feel it was a waste of an hour of your life, thanks again for your great comments thought this thread was dead ,pleased the odd person comes across it and enjoys it :D:D:thumbs::thumbs::thumbs:
  12. 280zx

    280zx New Forum User

    Very cool !

    I'm about to do the very same
    Did you find rust anywhere else ?
  13. zedboy

    zedboy Forum User

    Your car is absolutely stunning mate. My Dad had 2 280's.... They were my first Z love!!! Did you buy the seats from Eric Norbury (in Blackpool???)
  14. candy red

    candy red Active Forum User

    HI Zedboy thanks for your comments on car glad you like it and yes I did buy seats from Eric is he a mate.

    Derrick :thumbs:
  15. zedboy

    zedboy Forum User

    Yes mate - he's a very good friend of mine. I remember him having the seats upholstered by a bloke who worked at TVR (I think!) :confused:
  16. Mr HollowPoint

    Mr HollowPoint New Forum User

    This car is so stunning, am really glad you're coming to Trax so we can see it in the flesh mate.
  17. candy red

    candy red Active Forum User

    Thanks Hollowpoint it dose look better in the flesh on a sunny day must say though your car looks like something special ,mines only standard :eek: don't now how it will go down at such an event ;)

  18. Mr HollowPoint

    Mr HollowPoint New Forum User

    It'll go down just fine mate.

    As for my car, the wife made it look the way it does (Yes I do mean she fitted and modified the bodykit and then sprayed the entire car in our garage),

    I used to do 95% of the mechanics, but just recently don't have the time, as work is taking up a LOT of my time, so paid a friend of ours who is an enthusiast, but also has his own garage now, to fit my new tubbies and exhausts etc.
  19. 280zx85

    280zx85 New Forum User

    Everything up untill the seats i think was perfect and like a dream i think the colour of seats n carpet is a slight letdown i personally would go for black leathers with the red carpet or black carpet with red seats or maybe ever black & red seats if it looks to much red
  20. Mrs HollowPoint

    Mrs HollowPoint New Forum User

    I'm going to have to keep coming back and reading this through quite a few times, certainly sets some standards!

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