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Discussion in 'Shows & meets (International)' started by tallphil1961, Feb 17, 2018.

  1. tallphil1961

    tallphil1961 New Forum User

    Weather looking good tomorrow think I will head to the brookland breakfast, any body else going
  2. Woody928

    Z Club Member

    Did you go in the end?

    I'm a member and it only just down the road however too many commitments. Hopefully I'll get down there in the Z soon.
  3. tallphil1961

    tallphil1961 New Forum User

    yes my son and I went, great value £29.00 for the two of us including breakfast , great value, that was also the longest trip we have completed since, owning the car, about 100 mile round trip and the car ran fault free, wipers about as effective as waving a cotton bud about in a monsoon on the m25 in the rain !, will have to have a look at the spindles and motor at some time. We have been regular visitors to Brooklands over the last couple off years and usual attend in either classis minis or my teat type 35. I am sure you would agree the new aviation building is impressive , will probably attend the next motor sport day, also we have visited Mercedes world next door, great coffee and superb place to watch a f1 grand prix on a big screen next to the cafe
  4. Woody928

    Z Club Member

    Well I'm glad to hear your using the car more, I like to regularly take mine out for the weekend for a couple of hundred miles to really get to run it and enjoy the experience. I have utmost sympathy about the windscreen smearing devices though ;)

    It sounds like you had a cracking morning, both me and my dad are both members and only 20 minutes or so up the road but never seem to find the time to visit these days. The last time I was there they were only just beginning to start the Aviation hangar so definitely a reason to go back! Post up if you go again, if I'm about I'll join you in the Z.

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