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Brakes, lowering, wheels and tyres

Discussion in 'S30 (240Z,260Z,280Z) Wheels and Tyres' started by Col-b, Sep 10, 2018.

  1. Col-b

    Z Club Member

    Hi guys sorry to repeat probably same questions but i am upgrading my front brakes tried suppliers in UK but non in stock at the moment so looking to order either of these from Silverline

    i am also fitting coilovers to lower the car so if i go for Rota wheels in either 15" or 16" will the brakes clear ? also when i looked for tyres for 15" x 8 Rotas not much choice for 215 x 50 x 15 tyres (225 x 50 x 15 on rear) and the guy at Rota said he would not recommend fitting 205's as they would be over stretched. I don't want to roll or fit wider arches another business told me if i went to 16" the ride and handling suffers.

    Any help or recommendations for the above set up would be very helpful.

  2. franky

    Z Club Member

    205 on a 8j rim fits perfectly square.
  3. johnymd

    Z Club Member

    205 on a 8x15 would be my choice. That what I run on my silver car with bc’s.

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  4. Turn & Burn

    Turn & Burn
    Z Club Member


    What offset rims are you using and do u get any rubbing on the inner lip of the wheelarch during suspension compression?

    I’m at the point on my rebuild where I’m considering rolling the arches and wondering if this is necessary.
  5. Woody928

    Z Club Member
    Staff Member Moderator

    I've not done it myself however I believe most of the Silvermine stage 4 kit items are available in the UK. The hilux calipers, spacers, brake lines and pads are. I believe you only need to order the disks from the states which you can get very cheaply from Rock auto. If you have a look I believe Toopy recently did a write up of his conversion experience, parts sources and costs.

    As the guys have already said nothing wrong with using 205's on 15x8 rims, quite a few people already doing it. What your clearance may be for those brakes on 15's is though I don't know.
  6. johnymd

    Z Club Member

    If you have the option of rolling the arches a bit then do it before paint. It should clear but our cars are often slightly different after 45 years of use.

    Zero offset.
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  7. toopy

    Z Club Member

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  8. chris frizzell

    chris frizzell
    Z Club Member

    hi got a silvermine brake convertion on my 280z theres a block on ebay selling the spacer for £50 .i have standard shock with illuma tech shocks dropped by 40mm . the guys at rota said i could put 8.5j 17" with 225 45 17 on and they look great nice brake clearance no fowling hope this helps
  9. datsfun

    Z Club Member

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  10. Col-b

    Z Club Member

    Thanks guys will look at those wheel options. I've been told you only have to change the front brakes and leave the back ones as drums if your not racing ? If that's correct i can just get the stage 3 kit that fits 15" wheels no probs without the vented discs and fit a wilwood adjustable proportion valve to send more power to the drums. Or would it be best to change drums to discs ?
  11. Col-b

    Z Club Member

    Any idea who else in the UK may have the brake upgrade kits in stock as MJP quoting 8 weeks
  12. Col-b

    Z Club Member

    hi what profile are they 50's
  13. johnymd

    Z Club Member

    Yes they are 50's. Maybe a little small for some.

    No-one in the UK stocks any brake kits as far as I'm aware.

    I have the Toyota callipers and z31 disc's on my red car with drums on the back. I think this is a good fast road upgrade at a very reasonable cost. Its just a shame you can't buy the disc's from the UK.
  14. uk66fastback

    Z Club Member

    Much like my old Mustang which I changed all round to four pot Wilwoods (overkill for a road car) drums should be fine on a road-going 240 imo ... I'd just check the shoes and all the other bits are working as well as you can get them. I had a proportioning valve on there as well, which worked okay.

    My first Mustang was a basic one with drums upfront - it wasn't funny at times ...
  15. AliK

    Z Club Member
    Staff Member Moderator

    Actually dude mine are 14" but I'm not sure of the offset - Looking at how dished my wheels are, i do think I have some serious negative offset. Yet to be measured by your suggested method!

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