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Bose Sound System

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Vinnyboy, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. Vinnyboy

    Vinnyboy Forum User

    Hi all , just picked up my 350z , and i absolutely love it , it is an import model . 2004 plate convertible, was wondering does anyone know how to change the time display on the stereo and also at the back the badge says Fairlady Z , can the 350 badge be purchased and does anyone know how much they are at Nissan main dealers , thanks .

    HOUSEQUAKE Well-Known Forum User

    Hi Vinny,

    Why you wanna go and do that for :confused:

    Being a Subaru import speshlist, I wouldn't want to make a JDM WRX look like a UK spec :cool:

    It is worritis, it's here. it's loud and proud don't change it...LEAVE IT!!! :D

    PS. Can't help you with the clock settings BTW
  3. TheMinel

    TheMinel Well-Known Forum User

    the fairlady badge sounds very very "dubious" if you ask me. Go ahead and change it mate ;) shouldn't be too expensive, also contact Mr.F here he might be able to get it cheaper than a main dealer :)

    Sorry I have a UK car so clock settings for us are different as UK radios don't have the time on their display. Many JDM owners elsewhere that could help you mate, look hard and you'll find them ;) :)
  4. Vinnyboy

    Vinnyboy Forum User

    Fairlady badge

  5. TheMinel

    TheMinel Well-Known Forum User

    wrong mate. it is in japan but in US it's well and truly 350Z.

    I meant sounds a bit "happy" if you get my drift ;) Of course it's only my opinion :)
  6. slaponte

    slaponte New Forum User

    Ha! The real funny thing is that here in the USA many people BUY the Fairlady badge to replace the 350Z bagde.. so if you want a 350Z badge for yours you might be able to get it at one of the forums for next to nothing.

    To set the clock... hummm... with the radio off you hold the clock (display?) button until it starts blinking and then you use the arrow buttons to change minute/hours up and down, then you press display again when you are done. I think, I am trying to remember. I will check my car manual when I get home and comfirm.
  7. slaponte

    slaponte New Forum User

    Here it is, I knew it was something like that :

    "Push and hold down the DISP button, the clock will flash, then use the Seek/track button to change the Hour, and the Tune/FF/REW button to change the Minutes"
  8. Vinnyboy

    Vinnyboy Forum User

    Hi , thanks for your help , finally figuered it out.
    Not really bothered about badge anymore Fairlady , 350, whatever! lol
  9. 350Znismo

    350Znismo Forum User

    Just changed mine for £33 from Nissan

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