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Blower glitch

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by nigxl, Nov 12, 2014.

  1. nigxl

    nigxl Active Forum User

    OK so after having sorted out my Hazard light switch, headlight switch and heated rear window switch I'm now having a fault with my fan blower.
    It doesn't come on unless I operate the wipers for some reason. Once it has come on it operates normally and speed varies as it should.
    Anyone had this fault before and if so what's the cure???
  2. Huw

    Z Club Member


    Not come across this one, but it could be an earthing problem. The wiper and heater do not share a common wiring harness however.

    Have a look in the workshop manuals at if you have not already done so. The body electrical section contains some really useful trouble shooting information.

  3. nigxl

    nigxl Active Forum User

    Ok thanks Huw I will.
    Same as you, I couldn't see the connection between blower and wipers.

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