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Big thumbs to yewcheck

Discussion in 'New to the website!' started by STEVE BURNS, Oct 6, 2008.


    Z Club Member

    Hey fella
    big congrats on becoming one of the first people to take advantage of the new reduced membership fee of £15 and will take advantage of the added benefits and discounts that are available:bow:
    Take your time and explore the website as well of just using the forum as there is a few things that we hope will interest you in the members only area

    We hope you find plenty of other items as well as the on line magazine there to interest you and look forward to the possibility of you joining in any discussions that interest you
  2. Arkwright

    Arkwright Arkwright

  3. Reddel 300

    Reddel 300 Well-Known Forum User

    Hi Steve With the new members £15 reduced fee,was a proposal added at the A.G.M for a £5 Z shop
    descount voucher to be included in the package ???
  4. Reddel 300

    Reddel 300 Well-Known Forum User

    Hi Yewcheck and welcome to the club
  5. datsun dave

    datsun dave
    Z Club Member

    Welcome !!!!!!!!!!!

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