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Back after 30 years

Discussion in 'New to the website!' started by Fulhamboy, Oct 27, 2017.

  1. Fulhamboy

    Z Club Member

    Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to say hello, and to explain ‘back after 30 years’,I test drove a 240 yesterday and the last time I drove a Z was a 260 2+2 I owned in 1987.
    Ever since then I have had a need to get back into a Z, I loved my old one and only owned it for about 9 months and had to get rid of it due to my daughter being born and despite my protestations that it would be ok to have a child seat in the back I wasn’t allowed to keep it.
    I have always kept an eye on the Z scene, I may have been on here before, I have followed Z groups on Facebook and have dreamed about getting one. Well, now I have retired I have the time and money to pursue my dream. The one I test drove yesterday reaffirmed what I thought but as a return to a Z it probably needed just to much work for my skills at this time.
    So at the moment I am looking, and searching, probably like everyone else I would like a RHD, but I’m open to LHD like the one I drove yesterday. Part of me would like one that doesn’t need too much doing and I make improvements to over time. Part of me says I’d like to take on a project but that may be a bit too brave, I’ll see where my search takes me.
    I’d like something I can use from March to Oct. I want to be able to drive it regularly and experience it, if I have a car and only take it to 5 or 6 shows a year I think I will struggle justifying having it. I am based in Somerset and am keen to learn and find out as much as I can, it was 30 years ago and my memory and knowledge of the car isn’t what it was, but I absolutely love everything about them.

    Look forward to chatting with you all
  2. Mr Tenno

    Mr Tenno
    ZClub Administrator
    Staff Member Committee Member

    Welcome to the forum and the club!

    There's several members who can help you source a car (RHD or LHD will probably depend on your budget) and there's a wealth of information on the forum about what to look for - check out the restoration threads for some good photos.

    Also head over the classifieds discussion section where many of the cars you'll see for sale are 'evaluated' by the members.

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  3. Tahr

    Tahr New Forum User

    Welcome to the site Dave, I am too a returnee to the Z fold and like you last drove my 240Z in 1987 when the birth of my son meant it was put into storage awaiting my return. I am now starting to get things in place to start a full rebuild of the old girl.


  4. SeanDezart

    Z Club Member
    Official Trader

    Welcome back, both of you.
  5. Fulhamboy

    Z Club Member

    My budget is about £15k for an initial purchase and then see where we go. I don’t know what that buys me ?? RHD or LHD

    Are there many RHD left in the country and do many come to market ? Would I have a long wait ?

    I’m hoping to get something by March/April next year so I may use it during the summer next year

  6. franky

    Z Club Member

    Have you called vega classics to see what he’s got? Not far away from you.

    15k would be a project either way, lhd or rhd, just less of a project in lhd.
  7. SeanDezart

    Z Club Member
    Official Trader

    Is budget your model determinant or.....?
  8. Fulhamboy

    Z Club Member

    No, not really Sean, I only mentioned 260 as I had one previously.

    Vega was who I had my test drive with, he has a blue 240 I took out, it needs paint, new carpets, new leather seats and sponge, door cards, windscreen. I am tempted as I could create the car I want.

    He also has a white auto, which if it was red or blue I’d have gone for as it is very useable and doesn’t need much doing to it at all. Chris is looking out for others cars for me.

    The blue one is just a bit daunting for a novice who has no contacts and knowledge and not many skills where fixing cars is concerned, but I am keen to learn
  9. Rob Gaskin

    Rob Gaskin Membership Secretary Staff Member Committee Member

    Yes, welcome back Dave and thank you for supporting the Club.

    Good luck with finding a car.
  10. franky

    Z Club Member

    I'm sure Chris/others in the southwest can point you in the right direction.
  11. Jay.

    Z Club Member


    Fortunately the cars are very easy to work on! So things such as the seats, carpets, etc are pretty easy to do yourself (even as an amateur) but would indeed give you a canvas to create your own idea of what you want.

    £15k would get you a LHD model which needs relatively little amount of work, you could look at importing one from the states (like I have) or possibly having someone do it all for you.

    The key thing is be patient! If you've waited 30 years, you can wait a few more months and get the right one ;-)
  12. Fulhamboy

    Z Club Member

    How much does it cost to import Jay ?? And how much was your car, which is cracking looking by the way

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