Anodized wheel bolts


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As I've just had my rays powder coated Satin black I'm looking to replace the bolts to the same colour, does anyone know where I can buy some steel ones, I'm thinking that it will be easy enough to spray the centre caps the same colour?


Ian Patmore

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Rays do wheel nuts as well, they would not be making them if they came off... Duralumin is the material, strong and lightweight..I have them.


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I'll have to take it a bit easy then. I've used the same ali wheel nuts for a couple of years now with never the hint of a problem. wheels been on and off numerous times. I don't really push my car much though so I guess thats helped.


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Lol Yeah right!
We will find out at Spa Johny boy won't we. Must check the date on my crash helmet.