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All metal headlight buckets

Discussion in 'Parts and Other Items for Sale' started by s2k_adz, Jul 13, 2019.

  1. s2k_adz

    Z Club Member

    I have a selection of all metal headlight buckets as well as a couple of fibreglass ones for sale.

    Varying conditions, please see the photos!

    Looking for around £80 per bucket. £40 for the one that's rusted in the corner.

    £50 for the fibreglass ones.

    IMG_20190226_152412.jpg IMG_20190226_152416.jpg IMG_20190226_152423.jpg IMG_20190226_152429.jpg IMG_20190226_152434.jpg IMG_20190226_152446.jpg IMG_20190226_152451.jpg IMG_20190226_152453.jpg IMG_20190226_152457.jpg IMG_20190226_152501.jpg
  2. Peter loveday

    Peter loveday
    Z Club Member

    do you have an original fiber glass passenger (RHD) side bucket (I think the yellow one)

  3. s2k_adz

    Z Club Member

    Yes I do Pete
  4. s2k_adz

    Z Club Member

    Bump. I still have all these. Open to sensible offers.
  5. Pete

    Pete Well-Known Forum User

  6. s2k_adz

    Z Club Member

  7. Ian

    Z Club Member

    Can you send me photos of your best condition right side bucket please.
  8. s2k_adz

    Z Club Member

    Will do mate

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