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A little advice

Discussion in 'Rebuilds and restorations' started by Skallywag, May 4, 2021.

  1. Skallywag

    Z Club Member

    Hi everyone, hope your all staying healthy and safe.
    I'm approaching a critical juncture in my rebuild and thought it might be wise to ask a question i'm sure many of you will have already figured out.
    The last time my engine ran was 1986 and I've heard conflicting suggestions regards the lead free fuel issue.
    On one hand I was told that the L24 will run without any modification, yet recently I was told it would be best to have the exhaust valve seat modified to take the extra hammer from the lead free fuel.
    Currently i am in the process of taking my block to the machine shop for a once over, so it would be an ideal time to carry out any mods if required. Can anyone shed light on what would be the best course of action.
    Any advice thumbnail_IMG_0710.jpg would be appreciated. thumbnail_IMG_0712.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0717.jpg
  2. Farmer42

    Z Club Member

    If you already have the cylinder head off, it would be foolish not to get the valve seats done or at least checked. Even if they are already hardened seats it would not do any harm to start again with new all round to give you peace of mind. It will cost a lot more to do it later on and a lot more hassle.
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  3. jonbills

    ZClub Administrator
    Staff Member Moderator

    I think it all depends on the condition of the existing seats and how you're going to use it. If they're bronze seats but aren't significantly worn, and you're going to pootle about to a few shows doing a couple of thousand miles a year, I wouldn't worry about them. Main thing is to check them and the guides and the rockers for wear and take it from there, IMO.
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  4. Skallywag

    Z Club Member

    Thanks for the response guys. I think it might be wise to go with hardened seats, that way it covers all eventualities.

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