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Discussion in '350Z/370Z General' started by Tony 260Z, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. Dale

    Z Club Member

    I think that footage must have been deliberately leaked early on to fool people into thinking that is the new 370Z, coz that's a 350Z with a few of the 370's styling bits on it! :p
  2. zedboy

    Z Club Member

    When I've finished paying for the 350 I'm having one!
  3. dav350z

    Z Club Member

    I definately like the look of it and will probably have one next year.

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  4. JakTheRuby

    JakTheRuby Well-Known Forum User

    370z cabriolet pics scooped already. I prefer coupés to be fair but it does look very, very nice!

  5. Mr Ex

    Mr Ex I've seen it, I've been there.

    AND here is the NISMO version.

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  6. JakTheRuby

    JakTheRuby Well-Known Forum User

    What do you reckon Allan? I know you're a fan of the 240 and a big Samuri torch wielder. Do you think that they are going in the right direction with the shape? I'm a designer so I notice subtle similarities that others might not (because that's how I look at things). I mean no disrespect by it, but I feel that they are slowly returning to the original shape. There are more than a few bits hat are VERY Z. To be honest I love it. But then I love every Z. I'm currently hankering after the 280ZX 2 seater and the Z31. There are a few about at reasonable prices. Mmmm
  7. Mr Ex

    Mr Ex I've seen it, I've been there.

    I am never a fan of copies or sequels, the original is always best.
    I had seen it in Autoexpress & a letter stated it was too close to the 350 & not way out like the GTR.
  8. m4rk

    m4rk New Forum User

    Looks posh!!!
  9. mikecart

    mikecart Well-Known Forum User

    Evo Magazine

    This month's Evo magazine has a short feature on the 370Z (same pictures as in this thread off the Nissan Press site) in it, and an ad for a proper feature next month.

  10. TheMinel

    TheMinel Well-Known Forum User

    funny to read how on 350Z only forums most people don't like the new 370z whereas here most people do! I personally don't like it one bit in the pics esp in grey... the roadster (opposite from the 350Z Roadster) looks much better than the coupe imo! Not getting one though :D
  11. gizmo71

    gizmo71 currum auriga quasi furtivum

    Well I like it and I too think it looks much more like the 240Z than the 350 ever did. :thumbs:

    I won't be rushing out to buy one though as at this rate I won't have even had 350Z the Third a year before the first Z34s are on the roads. Hoping against hope that they bring a proper NISMO version to the UK officially...

    Of course an equally important question is... when will this forum get some Z34 smileys... :rofl:
  12. TheMinel

    TheMinel Well-Known Forum User

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  13. TheMinel

    TheMinel Well-Known Forum User

    more pics of the engine

    Obviously the specs are US ones but wouldn't expect major differences with the UK version

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  14. Zed2k

    Zed2k Well-Known Forum User

  15. Mr Ex

    Mr Ex I've seen it, I've been there.

    Red always looks good!
  16. Paul_S

    Z Club Member

    I can vouch for the seats being nice and comfy ;)
  17. rsj

    rsj F1 Champ!

    .... and its got "Blippy Throttle" & "Flappy Paddles"...:driving:
    Had a preview of one at Nissansportz AGM and I like it too!! :thumbs:

    A real step up in the interior fit & finish too and deffo nearer the 240z and rear wheels moved forward but cabin size unchanged from 350z.... and those dials :bow:
  18. Charlie Boy

    Charlie Boy Well-Known Forum User

    Very nice:driving: so does anyone know if the 7speed auto is a dual clutch box or just a slush matic?
  19. gizmo71

    gizmo71 currum auriga quasi furtivum

    I believe it's a slush box but the Jap-spec autos have a good reputation and if it can be operated in a full manual control mode (and doesn't come at a performance cost) I might just be tempted...:driving:

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