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300 zx tt auto 92

Discussion in 'General' started by gls50090, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. gls50090

    gls50090 Well-Known Forum User

    hi i have a 300 z tt i have a rattle,tap not too loud which fads as car gets warm its comming from back of engine at top any ideas,fixes what could it be changed oil and filter still same no difrence to running of car possably valve timming ???any ideas please help or advise
    thankyou gary is it normall or somthing to worry about
  2. zpuppy

    zpuppy Well-Known Forum User

    Hydraulic valve lifters is the most likely problem matey,,,hard to tell for sure without actually being there though. Not a difficult fix , but if your not experienced, get hold of a haynes manual and see if you feel up for it ! :thumbs:
  3. gls50090

    gls50090 Well-Known Forum User

    thanks ill look into that just dont want to wreck engine its definatly top and not bottom noise
    just bought car blindly lol

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