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Hello Everyone!

I hope 2022 is treating you all nice! I got a few pics on this 280z (it used to be on E-bay) california-connection I think the seller is called? What do you think about it. (it does have plenty of work), but what would a sensible offer for this be? What are your opinions :D.

In my eyes 3-4K is decent...yet again prices are going sky-high lately. I am not sure what that white part is; filler or just discoloration?

image1.jpeg image2.jpeg image3.jpeg image4.jpeg image5.jpeg image6.jpeg image7.jpeg image8.jpeg image9.jpeg image0.jpeg
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Rob Gaskin

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So with this 'car' you'd be paying for a damaged, rusty, rolling shell.

From that to a presentable usable car is a massive project.

It wouldn't be worth the investment in time and money imo.


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Btw, I do not know why the pics appeared like that I posted a zip file in the first and then it made many posts with the rest. Apologies for that!!!

Mr Ex Jnr

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Swap You For 2+2 :)

Off get a interior for it in 2 weeks


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