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280z (and perhaps 260z?) door switch rubber

Discussion in 'Rebuilds and restorations' started by Sylv1, Apr 28, 2017.

  1. Sylv1

    Sylv1 Forum User

    As requested on Facebook by someone here :cool:

    here is file to 3D print the rubber... that looks to be available nowhere

    It was designed to fit a blue 280z & i assume it matches to our Euro 260z but to be checked.

    with the stp file, you can 3Dprint it into rubber... the softer you find at your machineshop.

    minimum wall thickness is 1mm to match to the tech requirements of the supplier we used here.

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  2. Jon_Flynn

    Z Club Member

    This is excellent. I have a 3D scanner that I'm slowly using to document some parts on one of my other cars - and will be doing some of the plastic parts for the Datsun in the winter this year.

    I've already done the indicator surrounds for my 280z and will do some test 3D prints in the near future as one of mine is cracked and I've had to epoxy it back together.

    What filament have the above been printed onto? I plan on using ABS for the indicator surrounds.

    I'll also be looking to do the recording of parts for the 240 and 260 as well if anyone has any parts that they would fancy sending to me temporarily over the winter.

    I did see that one guy has 3d printed the Datsun rear spoiler as well, using a fibreglass model as the 3D source file. Looks great and end to end cost is less than £50 for the print in 5 parts, epoxied together and smoothed, although I'm not sure what that will retail at....

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  3. supermik

    supermik Forum User

    Have thought for a long time that these machines are going to be the absolute future in small to medium parts production. Once the prices come down and the technology improves then perfect replica full panels should be possible.
  4. Russell

    Z Club Member

    That someone here would have been me and I have been following the post on FB intently.

    They look like they came out brilliantly and have to be one of the first properly recreated 3D printed parts for the S30?

    I will definitely be ordering some as soon as I start putting my car back together.

    Not sure how many cars on here have these style door pins but it might be worth doing a group buy, bulk order to bring the costs down?

    What other parts can we start to reproduce now that have been impossible previously?
  5. Sylv1

    Sylv1 Forum User

    With 3Dprinting, grouping has not a huge impact on prices (design excluded) because there is no tooling...
    if you plan to group then investing in a silicon mould makes sense...

    I have made Mikuni side draft parts that I was missing
    Colleague of club have made parts for distributor, towing eye or brackets for multi coils ignition system with laser cutting

    Those additive machining tech or laser cutting are revolution for small volumes or tailored parts!!

    Love it :)
  6. Sylv1

    Sylv1 Forum User

    3Dprinting makes sense for parts that are not available at msa, rockauto etc... or for tailored parts to fit foreign parts to our Z

    If available oversea, there is no economical sense to use 3Dprinting.

    A guy in the USA is redrawing tons of S130 parts and put them available for 3Dprinting... he is incredible!
  7. Wyn

    Z Club Member

    Just noticed these, are they available to buy ? As am missing one and the other has been painted.
  8. Sylv1

    Sylv1 Forum User

  9. Sylv1

    Sylv1 Forum User

    Probably you have equivalent in U.K.


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