260z with cam, weber 40 or 45 dcoe?

Josh Slade

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Hi there, I have a 260z with the following cam, 284 duration....210 at .050 duration with .435 lift on 109 degree LSA, would you guys reccomend the 40 or 45 triple webbers? and also would the stock mechanical fuel pump be adequate?


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I have triple 40 DCOEs on my L24 with the E31 head and flat top pistons with valve reliefs. Compression is 180 PSI. This cam is close to yours. 214* duration @.05" lift and .420" total lift In and Ex. LSA 110* (Comp 260S). The 40's have plenty of flow and provide good torque with this street friendly performance cam. I previously had a 292 S Comp Cam with 246* duration @.05" and .480" lift. It proved to be too much cam for street and there was a real lack of low-end torque and throttle response. No power until above 4,000 rpm to redline. I hated it and jetting/tuning was impossible and it always ran rich with black plugs. Now it runs sweet, and I have tan plugs, great torque and the Z is much more fun to drive.
Webers love 3.5 to 4 psi fuel pressure which a Carter electric pump will provide without a regulator. I'd not use the stock pump. Hope this reply isn't too late.