240z RHD Dash for sale on Datsun Club UK


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Better description and pictures might help the sale. He also needs to mention its had some repairs which I am sure he would do to anyone who contacts him.
Ive had it before where a seller offers limited information and I've driven several hours to collect something that was not as described/pictured.


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Quite rare to see one without repairs,many moons ago me and my mate broke up a 240 and 260 we still have a mint dash and some panels that haven’t been available for many years,The panels are probably worth a small fortune,We might sell the lot this year especially if my mate decides to move as they are round his house,we even have a set of cobra slots in 7 15 sitting there

Mr Ex Jnr

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Yeah my dash for sale any interested buyers can message me i have plenty pics of it

Also if local come view it :)

Dash are so rare now they are unicorn parts

I won't take offers on it as I no there are no RHD 240z dashs left

I bought a unrestored dash start last year and it took a arm and leg to source

Robbie J

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Is it worth me sourcing some in Japan? I've seen 2 cracked 260 RHD dashes, shipping is not cheap due to size


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