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240z Restoration - Back to Original (ish)

Discussion in 'Rebuilds and restorations' started by dotMorse, Dec 19, 2018.

  1. dotMorse

    dotMorse New Forum User

    So I posted something up in the new member's section a while back but thought I would put something on here to keep a track of progress.

    I picked up a 71' LHD 240z from Chris @ Vega which is in the process of having the interior stripped back and the engine out for a full respray. I am taking it back to its original 918 Orange with some small style tweaks but very much keeping the original look of the car. Interior needs a lot of work and a lot of new parts to replace cracked components but elsewhere it's in a good state.

    Mechanically its sound with the engine starting and running smoothly. Body wise is the normal rust areas, but most have been repaired already to a good standard with only a few smaller areas still left.

    Will keep you all updated but I am historically very s**t at that bit.

    Anyway, to start with the many questions. Is there a good supplier of interior replacement components in the EU?

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  2. dotMorse

    dotMorse New Forum User

    Also, can anyone recommend a good source for a rear slam panel. Mine could do with replacing.
  3. chrisvega

    Z Club Member

  4. franky

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  5. Woody928

    Z Club Member

    Great looking project, looking forward to seeing it progress.

    Looks like we'll have another car to join the 918 club! :)
  6. dotMorse

    dotMorse New Forum User

    I have a long shopping list from zStore that I am going to take a look at in January and bring back a suitcase. What are they like on quality? Has anyone got anything from them before? So far they have not been great with no email response in a few days to some questions but it's a tricky time of year so I will hold judgement.

    Link to the last project for any interested. My turbo charged MX5 MK1 based kit car.

  7. jonbills

    ZClub Administrator
    Staff Member

    Zstore are one of the big suppliers of z parts. They're pretty reliable. My Gmail does have a nasty habit of deciding email from them is "promotion" or spam.
  8. dotMorse

    dotMorse New Forum User

    Does anyone have an opinion on the seat covers they do? I have seen lots of mixed reviews on them. I want to go original vinyl rather than leather with some new seat foam but I am not sure about head clearance (i'm 6'2") with the new padding.

    Does anyone have any recommendations? My shopping list is quickly growing...
  9. uk66fastback

    Z Club Member

    I have some new foams in my car, they do make the seats look much better. If you can source original seat covers it’d be better for a more original look .... 6’2” ... hmmm.
  10. johnymd

    Z Club Member

    Interior looks to be in very good condition. If it was me then I would try to retain the existing diamond vinyl and not disturb it. I'm yet to see one go back together as good as it was originally applied. If you do want to replace it all then the only option would be MSA and I don't know how close to the original that would be. MSA seat covers are probably the best match to the originals but will need to be fitted by someone with experience of these seats. I've seen and used trimmers that try to pull them too tight which looks all wrong.
  11. dotMorse

    dotMorse New Forum User

    Thanks John. The Diamond trim is in good nick and in need of just a good clean. It has come out but came loose very easily and was bubbling in places. I have a feeling it has been out before. This will all stay original, as the replacement parts are more for the plastic interior quarter panels on the sides of the car.
  12. dotMorse

    dotMorse New Forum User

    Made a slight detour on my last trip to the US. Decided to stop into MSA on the way from LA to Vegas. Picked up a BRE spoiler and had a look at a few bits I will be buying on the Feb trip, mainly interior panels that are cracked. If anyone wants anything small I can add it to the ever growing list.

    Also a very nice car from the CES show in Vegas. Merc's new take on the old silver arrow.

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