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240z Resto

Discussion in 'Rebuilds and restorations' started by Makesy, Jul 2, 2018.

  1. Makesy

    Z Club Member

    I couldn't agree more. A lot of my resto is about getting to know the car (and maintenance in general, rather than just getting it back on the road.

    I am not particularly mechanical, but would would love to be moreso, and this build thread hopefully gives a bit more insight into how to go about it for someone who is thinking about giving it a try.

    It's also a good guide for me to look back as I forget all the lost hours I've put into (and will put into) this car!
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  2. Makesy

    Z Club Member

    My light switch is a bit sketchy, so this switch rebuild guide will come in handy eventually

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  3. Makesy

    Z Club Member

    So with all the pre-christmas chaos I hardly had chance to work on the car for a while. But I've had some holiday over the xmas break and managed to get a few bits done!

    New fuel filter and fuel pressure gauge, with new hoses


    Fuel pump with pre filter is also fitted and hosed up. I haven't done the wiring here yet and need to figure out the wiring config for the sender while I'm at it.

    I sprayed up all the bracketry while I was down here as there was some surface rust showing.

    Steering wheel was showing its age with a bit of rust and paint bubble so I gave it a spray up. Will report back on how it looks.




    All the hoses to the vapour tank were rock solid and crumbling. If undertaking this job definitely wear a dust mask as the amount of 40+ year old dust and debris that came from this area of the car was awful.

    I literally had to carve the hoses away from the vapour tank to remove them.



    After removing the vapor tank, I found that the vent pipe which should lead to a carbon canister is actually connected to...nothing at all! The fumes are being directed straight into the engine bay! If anyone can advise what to do here I'm open to suggestions. Temporarily I think I will run a line to near front lip of the car to at least allow the vapour to disperse somewhere outside of the car

    Sprayed up my new front brakes and fitted them. Very pleased with the outcome. They make the hubs look really shabby so I've given them a good scrub with a wire brush since this pic was taken.



    Removed my hatch lock and can't find a new one.

    Tried removing the door locks but I haven't quite figured out how to disconnect them from the locking system

    Replaced my key ignition as I'm convinced you could have started it with a screwdriver should you have wished.

    Most of my gauges still don't work and the windscreen still needs replacing, but all in all I think I'm well on the way to having her out and about once the weather picks up.
  4. Makesy

    Z Club Member

    Following some advice from the helpful folks on the DPAN group, Duncan Pearcey and Mike F, I've decided to scrap the vapor tank in favour of a T connector linking the tank and filler neck to a vent hose.

    This allowed me to remove lots of old nasty hoses

    On inspection of the offside rear quarter it looks like there may have been some welding done at some point. All my lines look straight though, so maybe it was just a panel repair. I'm a bit puzzled but hopefully it's nothing too serious. I plan to sand it back and temporarily spray over it to preven any further rusting.


    One of my tank straps had a big gouge missing, so a friend of mine mcgyver'd a new one from some old sheet metal. The old, rusty piece is on the left, the new one on the right. I'll pray this before fitting.


    New air dam arrived from FRP and it looks great! Very pleased with it and can't wait to spray it up and fit.


    New hoses/filter/fuel presure gauge all installed.


    Fuel gauge is working, though only reads to half way when sender is moved to 'full' position. I am now suspicious that this may be due to old wiring, so will rewire in due course if my testing proves this.


    Also on the hunt for a windscreen fitter in the West Yorkshire area - all recomendations welcome!
  5. Makesy

    Z Club Member

    Windscreen fitter now found, I need to order my screen rubber from Mike F so that job can be done.

    Fuel gauge now fully functional after repairing a bad earth.

    Routed the tank vent hose into position. The hose I had was slightly too large, but some perseverance and elbow grease (read: lots of WD-40 and swearing) and it's now in place.

    I have a couple of waterproof connectors I want to add to the sender and pump for easy removal if required.

    With any luck, I'll have the tank back on this weekend.
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  6. Makesy

    Z Club Member

    How foolish I was to think the tank would go back on easily!

    I added a thin rubber strip on each strap but I think this extra thickness was just enough extra diameter to mean my bolts are too short. I will have to look for some longer ones.

    In all the manipulation of the tank, I managed to pull the sender earth wire off, so will need to fix that and make sure it is oht of the way next time.

    The filler neck is proving a total pain to manipulate but some quick advice from Mr F and a couple of youtube videos and I think I may have a solution, involving some heat (soak in warm water/ heat gun) and patience.

    My perseverance continues...
  7. Makesy

    Z Club Member

    My new (old) lights arrived from @franky (thanks!). Can't wait to get these installed and wired up.


    I wasn't convinced the filler neck has ever covered more than ~5mm over the tank spout, so I bought some new filler neck hose from Demon Tweeks to act as a coupler.

    Earlier in the week I was convinced I needed an aluminium coupler and came up with a rather elaborate plan of how to connect everything, but a a bit of a blast from the heat gun and a small chamfer on the inside of the new hose and it slotted over the old filler neck beautifully.

    For anyone wondering, the tank spout requires 2.5" (63mm) hose and with a new filler neck going for over £100, I'm sure something can be pieced together using more readily available parts should anyone require a replacement.


    I had half re-nstalled the tank last week with the assistance of a friend. However, earlier in the week I managed to convince myself that we had wired the fuel pump up backwards and needed to pull everything apart again to check.

    Once dismantled, I found the punp to be wired up correctly...better safe than sorry I suppose!

    My mate had managed to injure himself during the week, so I ventured on with the tank reinstallation myself.....A truly painful experience!

    I used a jack with a piece of plywood on top to help support and manouvre the tank into position - without this i would have been stuffed.

    I had cut some rectangular pieces of 6mm rubber to replaces the stock isolators which were missing from the top of the tank. I forgot to take a pic, but I used some douple sided tape to hold them in place on the tank whilst it was being positioned.

    I obtained some hooked bolts from my local diy/car shop. They look like wall hooks with some sort of masonry spacer on them, which I removed. Itrimmed the ends of the hooks to prevent any obstruction and fitted them through the straps. You can see one in the grainy photo below.


    Excitedly, I went to start her up...and....the battery was flat (again!)

    I've left her on charge for the night, but I will be popping some oil down each spark plug hole for good measure before I try turning her over.


    Looking forward to seeing if she starts any easier. I certainly feel like I'm making some progress!

    For fun, I took this artsy shot of one of the rear wheels whilst I was fitting all the hoses back on.


    Let's see what tomorrow brings.
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  8. Makesy

    Z Club Member

    Exciting news - Car is now registered! Huge thanks to @chrisvega and @johnymd for the technical details of completing the form and @Geoff-R for the motivational support!

    Since then, thd battery turned out to be a dud, so my trusty friends at Auto Spares Kippax replaced it FOC.

    I'm still having trouble firing up and after pulling the plugs it is easy to see why...


    These have only been in the car a few months (a car which has never left my garage!)

    A quick call with Mike F and he thinks it may be an overfuelling issue.

    I will run some tests on the cold start injector at the weekend to see if there are any faults there.

    New sparkies and leads to go in soon also.

    Give me strength!
  9. Joel

    Joel New Forum User

    Looking great so far Makesy, very cool of you!
  10. Makesy

    Z Club Member

    Spent the past few days trying to identify which sensors are making me run rich....only to find that most of them have been disconnected/plugged at some point.


    Gave the sparkies a once over and fiddled with the firing order again. I got it to a point where it turns and backfires so i think I'm now wrestling with a timing issue.

    After the issues I have had, I am weighing up going down the carbs route but that really is a last resort.

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