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240Z gearbox upgrade to S13

Discussion in '240Z / 260Z / 280Z' started by Seniorsideways, Sep 20, 2016.

  1. johnymd

    Z Club Member

    Thanks Richie, I know there was an issue with reverse as a friend had this problem but I wasn't aware it was the 4 speed bellhouseing that was different.
  2. jonbills

    ZClub Administrator
    Staff Member Moderator

    It's not as simple as that - my 5 speed fs5c71b needed the reverse switch relocating to match my s13 box.
  3. franky

    Z Club Member

    you couldn't aways just put a micro switch that the lever operates.
  4. Moriarty

    Moriarty Well-Known Forum User

    There are several variants of the bell housing, some have the switch boss in the "right" place....... some don't
  5. richiep

    Z Club Member

    Yeah, after I posted that above based on the zhome article, I was gripped with a feeling that it wasn't the whole picture and there was more to it. I think it becomes a case by case basis depending on what your donor Z bellhousing is from.
  6. Sam_C

    Z Club Member

    Just wondering how this conversion would perform in an otherwise standard 240? Are the gear ratios suitable? Any other possible problems?
  7. richiep

    Z Club Member

    The fourth page of the zhome write-up mentioned above has comparisons of the ratios of the various boxes tabulated. The 5-speeds are all pretty similar, including the 71C.

    I don't think the box swap needs to be seen as a performance orientated upgrade. More as a reliability and modernity upgrade maybe? They are newer and a stronger, more refined generation. In my case, I decided to go for the swap because I wanted a more modern, tighter shift and had had enough of the looser, quirkier shifting of the current box. It was increasingly irritating me, comparing unfavourably to the shift experience in my DC2 Integra TypeR. I've also opted for a quick shifter kit, which are plentiful for the 71C.
  8. status

    Z Club Member

    Just drove my Zed back from the garage after doing the s14 swop,didn't get out of third as its just down the end of the lane so I out it away and am going up pub,question is.Is a quick shift worth putting on,gonner get over to Jon soon and see wot he reckons on it,but I won't let him buy it,ha ha
  9. asbojohn

    Z Club Member

    you might also need to look at the speeo pick. Took me ages to work out this was the problem with mine.
  10. Sam_C

    Z Club Member

    Many thanks for that Richie. Might have to go down that route before the missus removes the rest of the teeth from second!
  11. Sam_C

    Z Club Member

    Does anybody in my area (Yorkshire) have a 240 with this upgrade? Would be nice to have a look and maybe a little ride in one before committing to the change.
  12. Seniorsideways

    Seniorsideways Forum User

    Thanks to all for so much good advice and information.
    I have taken the gearbox out of the car and we will as 1st step strip the box to see if we can replace the 2nd gear synchro (have a spare box).

    As the box has been rebuilt, it maybe that the synchro ring is the only issue. The engine is giving around 220BHP, so from what I read, the box should be strong enough to handle this level of power, providing its not being raced / rallied.


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