240Z early USA import - so, how much ?

Been away from here for a while,
When did the legendary persona formerly known as 'Franky' morph into 'AlphabettiSpaghetti'?

I was bored of getting stalked by the ladies so I'm trying a new strategy.

How's the tax haven? I think my new name has a Portuguese twang? Next time you're back can you bring some chorizo for me? :)

ETA: hope you're keeping well.


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Ladies on here......hmmmm, are you sure? Status tries his best to impersonate one with his long blond wig but if you've seen the rest of him you wouldn't really make the mistake of calling him Pauline ;)

Your new name sounds more Italian than Portuguese to me? Will sort out the spicy sausage for you :)

All good here thanks, Estoril Classic went ahead in October last year and been to a few local classic meets on Sunday mornings in the boulevard cruiser I brought with me - that should finally be on PT plates next week. Things move slowly here and although the French invented the word 'bureaucracy' the Portuguese take it to a new level.