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240z/260z Parts for sale

Discussion in 'Parts and Other Items for Sale' started by Ducky, Jul 8, 2020.

  1. Mr Ex Jnr

    Mr Ex Jnr
    Z Club Member

    Have u got a 240z glove box lid
  2. Ducky

    Z Club Member

    I do yes, ill PM you
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  3. Alfonso Calabia aibar

    Alfonso Calabia aibar
    Z Club Member

    Hi Ducky,
    I am looking for a tachometer for a 280z, I believe they are the same than the 260z.
    Do you have any avaliable?
    Many thanks
  4. Ducky

    Z Club Member

    Hi sorry had one but been sold already. Hope you find one
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  5. Pondo

    Z Club Member

    Hopefully might see your car out and about sometime Ducky, my mum lives in rugby and my brother in Warwick so pre covid I was often up that way.
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  6. Ducky

    Z Club Member

    I'm aiming for April May so fingers crossed
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  7. kenny mitchell

    kenny mitchell
    Z Club Member

    Hi, My name is Kenny, I have owned a 260Z many years ago and unfortunately had to sell the car. I am reaching my older years now & have just put a deposit on a 1973 LHD 240Z which I am going to restore, I am starting to colect things I know I am going to need.
    I can see that you have or had The Complete RHD Peddle assembly is this correct.
    If yes How much would you like for this.

    Kind Regards
  8. kenny mitchell

    kenny mitchell
    Z Club Member

    Sorry I have just seen you inventory list & it is listed as LHD

    Do you know where i may fine what i am looking for? I also need a RHD steering rack unless the LHD one can be re-engineered to fit as a RHD
  9. Ducky

    Z Club Member

    Hi Kenny,

    I've done a full conversion and know people that might be able to help with parts as I don't have anything left.

    Send me a PM and I'll try and help mate
  10. ZedzDead

    Z Club Member

    Have you got a blue tint N/S ( passenger side on a RHD car) door glass ?
  11. kenny mitchell

    kenny mitchell
    Z Club Member

    I have not got my car yet, I get it around the first week in April
  12. Andrew Bartle

    Andrew Bartle
    Z Club Member

    Hi do you still have the l/h seat available,the one with the side bolster wear? cheers Andrew
  13. NickF

    NickF Active Forum User

    would you happen to have any of these brackets and clips

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