1989 300 zx z31 for sale

Simon Fuller

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Here for sale and thank you for looking this is my Nissan manual 300 ZX Z31 1989.

MOT till 16th Sept 2019
I have owned the car for over 3 years and completed the following work on it:
Been stood for 8 years with previous owner ran very lumpy, fuel lines blown out fuel tank drained re-fuelled and runs very well now
New back box exhaust fitted
Interior seats replaced front and back
New door cards
wielding on the underside of the car
New anti roll bar linkages both sides
New distributor cap
New Distributor rotor
New Ignition leads
New Track Rod Ends both sides
Rear Wheel Bearings replaced both sides

What needs doing/outstanding

The car needs some attention to the body paint and a little work on the inside with a sound system and speakers
It needs the fuel gauge looking at as it is not responding and the same with the speedo (the rev counter works)

Other than the above the car is fantastic and i have enjoyed working on it V5 is present if you want to know anything else about the car my contact number is 07585220431


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