1987 300zx


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Hello all
I have been sent from the z32 forum,
I have joined to try and help a friend, he doesn't understand the Internet..so...
he has 1987 300zx, the cooling fan and temperature gauge do not work, he has checked all fuses and connectors, if he bridges a plug at the bottom of the rad the fan will run flat out, if he puts the wire to ground from the temperature sensor in the v of the engine, still no joy, unfortunately he left the car ticking over and it boiled over.
I hope this makes sense and I hope someone can help,



Rob Gaskin

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I'm no expert on ZXs but the fan issue just seems to be a faulty 'thermostat switch' in the rad i.e. the thing he 'bridged'.

That should cure the overheating at tickover. As a temporary measure he could wire a switch across those connections and operate the fan manually?

Gauge? Do all the other gauges work?