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1984 turbo tuning guide?

Discussion in 'Engine' started by smudge2031, May 29, 2015.

  1. smudge2031

    smudge2031 Well-Known Forum User

    Hi, I'm in the middle of building a 1989 z31 turbo. Originally it was a n/a automatic. I have now put in a 54,000 miles turbo engine and manual box. I'm wondering from reading other threads etc what steps are needed to get 350bhp. So far I have a boost controller, 3 inch exhaust, induction filter, and intercooler. From what I've read I would be safe to run around 15 psi with this set up, but not sure what bhp I would get. A lot of the tuning guides are from the USA so the fuel is poor and their stock cars have different cams and stock bhp.....any advice is welcomed!!! Cheers
  2. smudge2031

    smudge2031 Well-Known Forum User

    Please note the turbo engine came from a 1984 turbo and has an ECU with 38 on it! Cheers
  3. SKiddell

    SKiddell Well-Known Forum User

    A club guy who put alot of effort into his Z31 turbo was Frank Marino :bow: but Ive not heard from him for ages.

    He pretty much took the stock bottom end as far as it would go with similar mods to what you are proposing and ran very credible times at Santa Pod (99.49 MPH terminal) with the weight of the car at somewhere around 1430 kilos (inc driver) that equates to probably between 280/300 HP

    I am sure other will chip in with more info
  4. smudge2031

    smudge2031 Well-Known Forum User

    OK cheers for the reply...really needing to know how to attack the management side of things for fueling . I can run the fuel pump of a z32 but I don't know what injectors to use and who does remapping etc for the ECU..cheers
  5. Mr.F

    Mr.F Inactive

    More like 10-12psi on a stock engine if you want to be safe. Others have run more, but not for long. Also retard timing by 1 degree at least.
    Some of my customers have built modified plenum chambers as flow to front cylinders is restrictive.
    The USA 240SX throttle body can be fitted along with minor porting work into the plenum.
    Steve at FC Tuning has built a NisTune solution into a Z31 ECU for one of my customers - this gives full programming to allow progression with 7th injector or full injector replacement. You would then be able to map fuel and timing accordingly.
    Higher boost levels require a strong engine (forged pistons at least) and more turbo capacity. Somewhere out there is a hybrid VG30ET engine built with Z32 crank, rods and forged pistons with modified plenum and underdrive pulley ready to run high horsepower levels - but it went "missing" from the engine builder's storage after the customer took too long to collect. If anyone is offered such a thing, I'd welcome any information to allow the return to the rightful owner...
  6. smudge2031

    smudge2031 Well-Known Forum User

    Thanks mike, I'll be getting some bits from you shortly actually. Can you explain to me why the z31 ECU doesn't need a chip and the s13 200sx does??? As I have one of these in a sierra?cheers

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