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15x8 bodywork modification ?

Discussion in 'Wheels and Tyres' started by Fairlineguy, Jul 6, 2015.

  1. Fairlineguy

    Z Club Member

    I see from other threads that quite a few of you are running 15x8 rota with I suspect a 205 tyre.
    I see that the Z store say that early cars may need to have the arches modified?
    Am I likley to have to do any changes to the arches with this size of rim .
    My car is currently stripped so I won't be able to try the on until after car is painted which will be a bit late to start hacking the tin work.
  2. tel240z

    Z Club Member

    HMM bolt some suspension on without a spring and try, not sure about early/ late car being different :confused: check the fronts out no mods 8.25 rims 225 50 15 tyres on my lime restoration thread
  3. SeanDezart

    Z Club Member
    Official Trader

    Frequently the rears bent up from the tom down each side to make a half-moon shape.

    Of course, if you're not dramtically lowering the car, you probably don't need to do this with 205s.
  4. 240carsten

    240carsten Well-Known Forum User

    Whats the offset/ET?
    Thats the question that will dictate if it fits or not. Maybe a rolling of the arch lips will suffice?
    i have also seen a few pics of Rota Grid V's (ET0) mounted to standard arched cars but you will likely never know until you fit them.
    Lowering and tyre sizes will also dictate whats possible or not..
    Many variables :(
  5. 240carsten

    240carsten Well-Known Forum User

  6. SeanDezart

    Z Club Member
    Official Trader

    Can you really see if the rear arches have been touched on the inside or not ?
  7. johnymd

    Z Club Member

    The first thing I would do is measure both rear arches at various point to check they are the same both sides. If you would like 2 run 15x5's then your probable going for the same look as most of us. If you leave the arch lips sticking slightly down, as they do from the factory then you will probable touch the lip when you go over bumps. So it may by a good idea to turn the inner lip up a litte for more clearance. Running a +10 offset and you should get away with 225/50x16 or 15 and just clear most of the arch. A 205 will give more clearance and probable get away with 0 offset.
  8. mrzed

    mrzed Well-Known Forum User

    15 inch by 8 0 offset

    Hi ,hi I have these wheels fitted to my early 260z
    15 inch by 8 and 0 offset and 225 60 15 tyres
    And they fit nicely no modifications to the arches
    And on standard suspension
    I know they are not rota grids but here's a picture

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  9. Fairlineguy

    Z Club Member

    This is the paragraph from the Z store website about fitting the rota 15x8

    When choosing a specific tire size for installation on any rim, always follow the tire manufacturer’s direction for approved rim widths for that particular size tire. Some tire sizes mounted on 8” wide wheels may cause interference with stock body work on early-model, unmodified Z cars, requiring body-work trimming for clearance. Always calculate body and suspension clearance before mounting tires and
    installing the wheels on your vehicle. Wheels that have had tires mounted are not returnable.

    By the sound of it I guess I should roll the arches as a precaution and stick with 205 profile tyres
    The look I want is the same as this any guesses on the size this car is running

  10. richiep

    Z Club Member

    I seriously doubt you will need to roll the arches with 15x8 ET0 and 205s. I have those tyres on 15x7s and there is plenty of clearance, and my car has some limited lowering. I intend to switch to 15x8s and retain the 205s precisely because it will maintain the rolling diameter and tread width, thus continuing to clear fine with no rubbing.
  11. franky

    franky Well-Known Forum User

    I'd bet £20 you don't need to roll the arches with 15x8 and 205 tyres. They sit nicely on the rim also.
  12. Leeski26

    Z Club Member

    So, if I read this correctly I could fit 15x8 0et rkr's with 205 55 r15s with no modifications to either suspension or bodywork?

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  13. bumblejon

    bumblejon Active Forum User

    Not one to dampen enthusiasm, but my car runs 15x8 ET0 Rota RKR's with 205/50 Yokohama Neova tyres and they occasionally rub the arches, to say that 205 tyres won't rub is not completely true. One mitigating factor is that my car runs quite low, but not excessively, so you may get away with it.

  14. moggy240

    moggy240 INSURANCE VALUATIONS OFFICER Staff Member Moderator

    don't forget USA cars sit lower than UK spec cars and not all tyres are the same shape.
  15. Fairlineguy

    Z Club Member

    When you say your RKRs occasionally rib the arch with 205/50 15
    Is it just the top of the arch ? Front or back?
  16. moggy240

    moggy240 INSURANCE VALUATIONS OFFICER Staff Member Moderator

    Top at the back would be my guess. Et10 would fit nicer as Et0 pusher the wheel out.
  17. zNathan

    zNathan Well-Known Forum User

    Rota 15x8 et0 with 225/50/15 tyres rub on the rear with slightly lowered suspension and no rolling done to the arches. The spring & shock rates are quite soft, not sure if a harder set up would eliminate the rub.
  18. johnymd

    Z Club Member

    As has been said, +10's are OK but et0 will wide tyres will need attention on most cars.
  19. Ian

    Z Club Member

    My rears are 16x8 +10 225/45/16 and they don't rub anywhere.
  20. johnymd

    Z Club Member

    Reviving an old thread to clarify what will or won’t fit. 15 or 16 x 8 0et wheels with 205/55r16 tyre will still rub the arch on a lowered car. If you don’t lower too much and have stiff suspension then any size will be fine but if you want a good stance then they will rub without rolling the arch a bit. This picture shows just where on the sidewalk it hits. A 225 tyre will probable hit a lot sooner. This happened on a very big depression in the road and the suspension must have compressed at least 3”. This is with factory untouched arches.

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