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    240Z UK front indicator lamp seal gaskets

    Are there any suppliers of reproduction seal gaskets?
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    240Z/260Z/280Z Items on Ebay

    I have numerous items currently on Ebay for 240Z/260Z/280Z - please follow link the below if you are interested...
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    R180 Differential Pinion Oil Seal Issue

    I purchased a new SKF 13978 oil seal from Rockauto but when I fitted it today it literally just slid in without giving much resistance at all. Now the manual says to use an oil seal drift so there should be some resistance when installing it obviusly to ensure that there is a good seal so I'm a...
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    R180 Differential Side Flange Bolt O-ring Replacement

    Need some guidance regarding the replacement of the small o-rings please. The atttached guidance referes to the o-ring (part no. 3) being 'triangular'. I'm not sure whether this is true or whether the existing one in the picture has just been deformed to this shape due to the chamfered edges on...
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    240Z Rear Suspension Part Query

    Does any one know where the 'washer-special D' part 15 is located and its dimensions please? Thanks
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    240Z Handbrake Cable Rear Hanger Springs 36516-E4101

    Mine are corroded and NLA from Nissan. Does anyone know of a decent substitute or perhaps have some for sale? Cheers
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    240Z hand brake lever rechroming?

    Has anyone been able to get the lever rechromed without disassembling the mechanism which is pressed and welded together ? Mine is rusted in parts and generally pitted. Not sure what's possible with the process itself i.e. 'masking off'. Any alternative techniques to make it look tidy? Thanks
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    Brake/Clutch Pedal Box Question

    On the assembly drawing there are clevis pins shown at the top of each pedal but I can't remember any being there when it was stripped down (some time ago), and I can't find them so what are they there for? They are not for the springs as they go directly into the pedal. Thanks
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    Parts Identification - Any ideas?

    Continuing my parts clear out and came across these two items. Do they look familiar to anyone? Thanks
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    Long wheels nuts and stud extenders

    Doing a garage clear out and came across these. Are they of use to anyone?
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    SOLD: For Sale on Ebay: Datsun 260Z Rolling Shell – Chassis No: RLS30-000017
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    Help to Identify Rad Support Panel

    Hi All, I'm after some help to identify the correct car model for this rad support panel that I've had stored for some time now. The Nissan part no. is 62500-N4500. I've looked at a copy of the fiche I've got but it's not listed. I thought parts with the code N30 to N49 were S30 but it does not...
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    FYI Items Available on Ebay

    I have listed a number of 240Z/260Z items on Ebay if anyone is interested. I am not looking for offers at the moment as I'll initially let the auctions run for a week. Thanks.
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    SOLD: 1975 260Z Track Day Car for sale

    The time has come to sell my track day car. It is an original UK RS30 right-hand drive early production 260Z (chassis no. 407) first registered in January 1975 (N Reg.). I bought it 15 years ago from Geoff Gale of Auto Active and it was previously his own track day car. Since suffering from a...
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    Datsun 240Z Rear Valance Prep

    Hi All, I'm preparing my rear valance for (eventual) paint and was wondering whether it is safe to flatten/grind down the two spot welds (for cosmetic reasons only), next to the right-hand bumper holes - see attached photo. Looks like they secure the brackets for the fuel tank strap to the body...
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    Datsun 240Z Hatch Lip Panel Repair Piece

    Hi all, has anyone ordered and fitted one of these please? I need to replace mine and was wondering whether it was a good reproduction. Doesn't seem to be a bad price for £130 including delivery +...
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    280ZX Starter Motor Identification Help

    I had a garage clear up yesterday and found these which I am looking to list them on Ebay as I don't have a 280ZX. However, when Goggling both remanufactured units - one is a Bosch SR140X and the other a Lucas LRS321 - I get conflicting information as to exactly which model/engine/year of...
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    Quiz of the Day

    Found this during my garage clear out yesterday. Any ideas what model this brake caliper relates to? There's no markings or seriel numbers unfortunately. Thanks
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    R200 Differential Questions

    Firstly, having done the usual Googling and making comparisons with photos on various websites I'm pretty sure this is an LSD type but I just want to be 100% sure as I'm no expert on this subject. Secondly, unfortunately it's been stored in a dusty environment without its cover on and I want to...
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    Door Rubber Bumpers

    So I'm presuming that these go into the tiny hole directly below the striker position as shown on the attached photo - am I correct? So what's the secret to getting them in please! Thanks