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    How wrinkly

    Those hands have unfastened and fastened and screwed and unscrewed,
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    Underbody treatment

    Times have changed and a bit Waxoyl topped off with some engine oil is no longer de rigueur. Whats the best, layer by layer, from metal to final finish.
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    1970's measurement

    using 2020 rules.
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    Never thought I'd live long enough to see the death of the IC engine. Just need to hang around for another 10 years.
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    Celebrity antiques roadshow 'ZG'

    On BBC 2 now.
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    The Coco Roro

    It's bad, eh.
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    Buying for the Zed.

    If you had a spare £149 in your hipper, what would you buy for the Z.
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    The 'rona.

    How's it going for you?
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    'kin winter

    Storing,repairing, restoring, driving. What are you doing this winter.
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    This is where it all began.

    KSR 142X. Well it wasn't actually, it was a Datsun Cherry 100A, nae pics. Ahhhhhhhhh red velour and the hum of the fuel pump. Extracted off my drive in almost 2 pieces by Duncan Pearcy 199_.
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    The Eagle

    has landed.
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    Driving to the Algarve from the UK.

    Should've been in the title, in my 240Z. Go on then, advice? I don't do heights, I don't do fast, I dont do dark.
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    Niki Lauda

    Dead at 70, a bit sad.
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    Missed the lock

    franky Z Club Member johnymd said: ↑ Ok. Thanks. I think I get it. Did the change line up with the lock improvement amount other things. I guess for those of us in the UK the confusion started with cars being badged 240z, 260z and 280zx along with the log book saying the same. It’s hard for...
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    A thread for anything and everything

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    I need an engineer.....

    Obviously a lot of taleneted engineering types on here. So, must be thread for engineering advice. I'll start. Got an old (20 years) oil fired central heating boiler that sits in an alcove in the house with the the flue going through the roof)and it's a bit fecked. Got someone in to look at...
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    Tunes with or without a car or Z theme.

    This'll probably end badly with numerous tiresome metal or prog rock efforts however here goes one tune with Z,and one other great tune with a car, and another without either.
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    The car not the rocket.

    How much are you paying for one of those.
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    Photo sketch

    Probably nothing new but I like it.