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  1. vpulsar

    ultimate sleeper???

    OK until you come to a corner!
  2. vpulsar

    replacement starter motor

    I had one of those on my Z worked great.
  3. vpulsar

    Weaverhead's RB 260z Restoration

    lovely job mate very impressed.
  4. vpulsar

    bad times has happened

    The guy next door did something similar the other year with his nearly new M3 going up hill in the wet rear end broke away and ended up on his roof in a field, Powerful rear wheel drive cars and wet weather not always a good combo. You could always buy another standard one a swap the good...
  5. vpulsar

    bad times has happened

    Looks like you over cooked that a bit mate, Very sad indeed looked like a nice car. Glad no one was hurt that's the most important thing.
  6. vpulsar

    Well would you?

    Like the first one very good use of the space available, Would make the car more practical I suppose but unbolting the tail gate to fit would be a bit of a pain I'd suspect.
  7. vpulsar

    Wish I had the money.....

    I like it has a lot of possibilities, I like the aston martin front with out the badge and whack a super charger on it and it would have plenty of performance I'd of thought, I agree it's better looking than the 350z and the 370z not keen on either but that's maybe because I can't get in either lol
  8. vpulsar

    Hi chaps

    They were all the rage back then matey as was the gayboy perm lol
  9. vpulsar

    Hi chaps

    Now I'm getting divorced I've been busy rooting through my stuff as the house is now sold and I need to be out, And I found some shots of my very first US import Z must of been the only rusty import lol. And my first Saab 99T Plus the last of my 36 P6 3500S rovers...
  10. vpulsar

    My 260Z Rebuild

    Good luck looks like it's going to need plenty of work mate, Nice work shop by the way lol
  11. vpulsar

    old electrical stuff

    This is the offending item.
  12. vpulsar

    old electrical stuff

    Hi guys I haven't got a Z anymore but my girlfriend does have a 25 year old golf cab and a 36 year old spitfire so it's still old stuff so might interest lol. My question is. The heater has packed up on the golf and it uses one of those ceramic tube resistors with 3 wires coming out of it, I...
  13. vpulsar

    This has got to be a joke

    Very odd add indeed, The car does look very damaged in a lot of tricky places to repair properly. I don't think he will be getting many offers, But I suppose he just needs one mug with more money than sense. Rob
  14. vpulsar

    what to do with this

    Nice job Terry very enjoyable thread I've just spent an hour reading through it. Rob
  15. vpulsar

    240z in video game

    Yes there is one in Forza I had one but I'm not allowed to race it much because I've over modified it lol. Rob
  16. vpulsar

    well after a year of hell

    That's why I'm being very careful with this build mate, It will look completely standard just a bit better built, I'm keeping the standard top mount though I've had it re-cored with a WRC spec core, Standard ported cast manifold but it's being ceramic coated, I even want to keep the standard...
  17. vpulsar

    well after a year of hell

    I've taken a deposit on it from a guy in Torquay lol, You couldn't get much further away from me. That photo was taken the last time I washed it about 6 months ago :eek:, It's not quite so clean now. Mind you it got a good wash the other day when it rained. You know after spending over 3k it...
  18. vpulsar

    well after a year of hell

    I've owned two Pulsar's Rob and they're quite big inside definitely bigger than my 260Z that's for sure, Plus living in Scotland the 4wd will come in handy during the winter months, This car is being completely stripped underneath and they're going to start again with a clean sheets regarding...
  19. vpulsar

    well after a year of hell

    I couldn't be arsed to arrange a collection so wait for it I gave all my Datsun spares away free to a local guy :eek::D. He picked them all last week. Rob
  20. vpulsar

    well after a year of hell

    After the above year of hell I'm finally getting rid of this thing that I bought to replace the Datsun. Not only has it been nothing but trouble costing me over 3k in repairs in the last year it's cursed lol, It occurred to me it's exactly the same car I owned last time I got divorced 20...