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    240/260z back hatch for sale

    rear hatch from a 1978 260z 2 seater glass good,hatch will require attention to bottom inside but otherwise solid offers east yorkshire
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    datsun 260z rear hatch

    hi im selling a 260z 2 seater rear hatch with glass very solid still has spoiler attatched will require paint and spoiler has chips if anyone intrested will post photos tomorow
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    240/260z engine tray

    anyone intrested in engine tray solid but will require new tabs welding on outside fixing points offers inc postage uk only
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    my 260z for sale
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    260z value for sale

    hi all im thinking of selling my 1978 260z 2 seater its on the road standard right hand drive its had engine rebuilt new shocks various bushes brakes drums and discs,drop links,brake and fuel lines clutch slave and master,the car could do with a respray but still looks presentable...
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    260z 2 seater rear quarter glass rubbers

    hi anyone know where I can get new 260z rear quarter glass rubbers/seals in uk or is there any other seals which are the same from other cars thanks for help
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    1978 260z front brake calipers

    hi does anyone know where I can buy a standard pair of calipers or good used ones in uk front thanks
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    300tt rear bumper mudguards

    hi im looking for a pair of mudflaps the ones that attatch to rear bumper black foam type as standard thanks
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    260z parts wanted

    hi im looking for rear window louver front valance so I can open up the mouth if there is such a thing electronic dizzy new carpets if anyone has any of these thanks
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    260z brake problem

    hi 2 problems need help Datsun 260z first indicators flash a lot faster drivers side all bulbs working second car pulling to right when braking everthing is new and worked ok till laid up driverside rear drum seems hotter then rest with slight squeal when brakes pressed lightly any tips on...
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    mike feeney

    sorry mike this was only way I could send pics of datum 260z gasket
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    tried messaging you but it says you have too many stored messages
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    260z rear trailing arm pins

    does anyone have 1 or 2 rear hub to traling arm spindles laying around before I order new from mike cheers gaz
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    260z hoses

    is there any difference between early 260z and late 260z rad hoses thanks
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    electronic dizzy wanted

    if anyone can help im looking to change from points to a 280z dizzy
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    260z windscreen rubber

    hi im looking for a new 260z 1978 windscreen rubber if anyone knows where i can buy in uk also set of shockers standard or lowered thanks gaz
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    front valence wanted like 240z i want to remove front bumper and show its mouth lol
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    260z parts for sale

    offers for all or separate will post all clocks untested all parts came from a 260z 2 seater 1976 hopefully will finance an electronic dizzy lol cheers gary datsun badge new
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    260z windscreen needed please help

    my insurance can only find a 260z windscreen from pilkingtons but its a 8 to 16 week waiting time if i can find one new or old they will buy it name your price lol please someone must have one thanks
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    datsun 260z windscreen

    my windscreen has cracked please tell me there avalable new or used i have screen cover but dont know how to claim lol 1978 2 seater please advice thanks