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    gidday from New Zealand

    Gidday Justanothernoob from NZ . I too are from NZ . What is your budget? A nice 240Z reached $31,500 NZD, and did not reach reserve a few months ago. I know a 240Z in Auckland that could be for sale if you are a genuine buyer. It is a very very nice car, and is ready to roll. .
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    Z Farm Reviews/Advice on full restorations? 260Z Coupe

    These cars are not rocket science to work on. They are only steel/tin and paint. A good panel and paint shop is all you need, and the mechanicals are simple. Parts can be sourced from many places worldwide. A very expensive option to ship to UK. NZ is far closer and we have some...
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    Steering wheel wobble

    I had some Falcon tyres that were out of round, and caused all sorts of wobbles. Cheap rubbish. This was on new alloy rims. Replaced them with some Toyo tyres and the problem went away.
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    Can anyone help

    Can see that. Fine looking group.:cheers:
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    cutaway L28

    Sure is a small world now. Yea, I had thought about six Sean, It's a little late for this motor though:) I was thinking of perspex covers and having the normal oiling, but after a few seconds the perspex would be pretty hard to see through. I ran it on six first and then removed the plugs...
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    cutaway L28

    I'm pleased you found my project Sean. I had just logged on with the intention of posting a link, but you have done it.:thumbs: We plan to have it on display and running every half hour, at a major classic car show at Auckland in Feb. Brian.
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    DANGERS in welding

    My God that is very graphic. I owned earthmoving machines for fourty years, and only lost the tip of a finger through my own stupidity.. Not hydraulic leaks, although I have had plenty. Been sprayed with the stuff from a burst hoses on a number of occasions.
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    Windscreen rubber

    If the rubber is damaged it is best to replace it. The screen has to be removed. 240 and 260 all the same rubber. If the rubber is sound you could try to get some sealant under the lip. Don't know suppliers in UK. Someone will.
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    Wanted: rhd hood latch assembly and cable

    I fitted a left hand cable to a right hand drive car, so would assume the opposite would work.
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    Water leak problem

    That seal is very important. Probably the cause of your water problem.
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    Running Rich

    Try here.Help Me !!!!
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    Complete reconstruction of a 2 seater

    Very impressive. I didn't need to understand French to be impressed by this mans talents.
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    Drip rail

    Never saw any clips on my 72 drip rails
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    Over seas suppliers

    FWIW I cant speek highly enough of Motorsport Auto. Four days, delivered to my door in New Zealand. Amazing.
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    Downunder 1971 240Z

    Hi toycollector. The Konis I got are red (perhaps they all are) Don't know the serial number sorry. If you enquired at Stocks they would put you right. I think from memory the rear shocks I got are nothing special, just what I could get at the time.There are pictures of my car on Z Club NZ if...
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    Downunder 1971 240Z

    Hi from another downunder toycollector.Your car looks great.:thumbs: Stuffed shocks will make all sorts of weird handling. I put Konis on the front of my 72 240 and made a huge difference. STOCKS in Auck have them. Don't know if there ia a branch in CHCH. Looks as though someone has chopped a...
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    New engine !

    This is hijack. I'm amazed at this forum being used to continue what, to an outsider,seems to be childish squabbling.
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    Longest Running Restoration

    Hell, you win hands down mate..:bow: I took two years and thought that was a bit on the long side. Seems fairly normal now,
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    Not a Z in sight yet

    Thats some awsome scenery .Love it.--Nice roads, and little traffic. A little like our South Island I guess. Brian.
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    any ideas !!!!!

    I have one exactly the same on my 240. I like it because it has an 'O' ring type seal which does not leak and the cover can be removed many times withought having to buy gaskets. I took it off a car at Pic a Part. From memory a Nissan Laurel.Not 100% sure on that though. I thought it was alloy...